The 48V Auxiliary Inverter solution is a proof of concept 48V motor control solution for Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicles (MHEV) in conjunction with a high-speed position sensor. It includes a Renesas RH850/C1M-A2 microcontroller, IPS2550 inductive position sensor, RAA270000 power management IC, three ISL78434 half-bridge drivers, an ISL78215 12V low-voltage isolated flyback converter, and 100V ANM2 power MOSFETs. This proof of concept is an example of a complete 48V motor control solution for MHEV.

System Benefits

  • 12V/48V dual supply concept with domain isolation
  • Controls a 48V 3-phase BLDC motor
  • Supports shunt based and hall sensor based current sensing
  • Supports cos/sin resolver, inductive sensor for rotor position
  • DC-link voltage measurement
  • Diagnostic and monitoring functions
  • Functional and performance verification proven
48V Auxiliary Inverter

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