This application is a ticket machine used in stores or cafeterias. The user operates keys to purchase a ticket. In addition, it is possible to provide voice guidance with a speaker and detect abnormalities inside the device with a temperature sensor. When updating the firmware for this solution, you can rewrite via the USB port.

A dedicated IC is used to identify coins and bills, which are controlled by the RX651 32-bit MCU.

System Benefits​:

  • The RX72N 32-bit MCU is a high-performance product that operates at 240MHz with max package size of 224-pin, enabling many functions without pin duplication.
  • High-performance TFT display processing and high-quality audio through I2S integrated on one chip.
  • The HS3004 humidity and temperature sensor measures the temperature inside the equipment and contributes to abnormality detection.
  • The RX24T 32-bit MCU can control motors that are used for input/output of the printer, coins and bills.

Target Applications:

  • Ticket vending machines in restaurants, cafeterias, cinemas, amusement parks, parking lots, etc.
Ticket Vending Machine