IEEE 1588 is a precise time protocol (PTP) used to synchronize clocks in computer networks. In a local area network, it can control the clock accuracy in sub-microsecond ranges, making it suitable for measurement and control systems. There are many base stations and IoT devices requiring large-scale network synchronization with 5G coming. Renesas’ 8A34002 synchronous timing device is designed for IEEE 1588 applications that require advanced clock recovery algorithms and precision timing to reconstruct accurate synchronization signals for 5G networks.

System Benefits​:

  • IEEE 1588 solution realized with Renesas' high-processing performance MPU and precision timing clock IC.
  • Renesas advanced clock recovery algorithms reconstruct accurate synchronization signals for networks.
  • Clock accuracy is within ±10ns.

Target Applications:

  • Core and access IP switches/routers
  • Synchronous Ethernet equipment
  • Wireless infrastructure for 5G network equipment
  • R210Gb, 40Gb and 100Gb Ethernet interfaces
IEEE 1588 Solution Diagram