Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are used to control industrial machinery such as AC servos, general-purpose inverters and sensors. They are widely used in factory automation systems for manufacturing and processing lines, machine tools and industrial robots. To provide control capabilities tailored to each individual system, modular PLCs (CPU unit and various peripheral units) are used for large-scale and midsize systems, while block PLCs (CPU unit only) are used for small-scale systems.

Peripheral units of module type PLCs include a variety of products to match the specific requirements from end users. However, the proliferation of development resources has become an issue. To solve this problem, Renesas offers a peripheral unit platform based on the RX Family of 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs), which covers a broad performance range (32MHz to 240MHz) and a multitude of peripheral functions. This helps reduce the amount of development resources needed.

For block type PLCs, the RX64M 32-bit MCU product provides a one-chip solution with large capacity RAM, Ethernet, USB, and SD Card I/F integrated, leading to both performance rise and BOM size reduction. In addition, our lineup also offers the RX65N/RX651 MCUs, which are not only pin-compatible with the RX64M but also fully optimized. Therefore, we can provide an even larger selection of products for our customers to expand their own series of products. Furthermore, if the RX Family does not meet the performance requirements, the RZ/A and RZ/N series of high-end Arm-based microprocessors (MPUs) can be considered, both offer higher RAM capacity. By utilizing the extra-large RAM, the memory access speed can be greatly improved, which in turn, leads to higher performance for the customer products.

Programmable Logic Controller