This solution is a self-sustainable system used for monitoring remote industrial processes. Dissipated heat can be recycled to electrical energy and power the electronics system used for monitoring and transmission of process data.

System Benefits​:

  • Self-sustainable process monitoring system eliminating wiring.
  • Energy harvesting control circuit with built-in MCU ensures ultra-low power consumption.
  • System power generated by a thermoelectric generator (TEG).
  • Back up energy through a battery and super capacitor for no harvesting periods.
  • On-board long range (LoRa) transmitter with mesh network support ensuring wide range transmission with ultra-low power consumption.
  • Optimized system architecture using interleaved operation of sensor and data transmission via LoRa for balancing power in the system.

Target Applications:

  • Remote industrial process monitoring where power is not available and the system is not easily accessible
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Flow rate, temperature, gas, or humidity monitoring
Remote Industrial Process Monitoring System