For industrial applications, several different fluid/gas flows need to be monitored, as the flow of the fluid could influence the final product under production. Therefore, an accurate measurement is necessary to ensure a high quality product at the end of the production line.

Some of these applications need to fulfill the Safety Integration Level 2 (SIL2) standard. The RX MCU is supported by Functional Safety Platform Software that has already been certified by TÜV. This package supports diagnosis and safety functions that meet the SIL2 standard.

The FS1012 flow sensor, together, with the RX65N MCU allows customers to design a safety solution suitable to monitor the flow of the fluid/gas and access the data by using an Ethernet connection.

Key Features:

  • SIL compliance by TÜV for the MCUs
  • Ease of use - the RX130 offers different integrated peripherals to support SIL compliance.
  • Supports MEMS solid-state gas flow sensor for accurate measurements


  • Factory automation
  • Building automation

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