This solution enables the monitoring of air quality, temperature and humidity via a Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) beacon that operates day and night with a small solar cell. The beacon can be sized so small that it can be easily attached to walls and pillars.

The RE01B 32-bit microcontroller in this solution features ultra-low power and high-speed operation with an Arm® Cortex®-M0 core that integrates Bluetooth 5.0. And, the ISL9122A buck-boost regulator, featuring an extremely low quiescent current consumption, supplies adequate voltage to sensors.

System Benefits​:

  • Battery maintenance-free, realized by optimized power control with the RE01B and ISL9122A.
  • Operates day and night only with a harvester such as solar or a rectenna.
  • Generates a Bluetooth LE beacon to monitor air quality, temperature and humidity with a smartphone.
  • A ZMOD4410 indoor air quality sensor enables the display of eCO2 which can be used for alerting a crowded environment of the risk for COVID-19.

Target Applications:

  • Air quality beacons
  • Air quality monitors
  • Air conditioners
  • Healthcare
  • Energy harvesting
Energy Harvesting Air Quality Beacon