This solution demonstrates a high-performance, highly integrated system design for industry automation. The RZ/T1 integrates the Arm® Cortex®-R4 processor with an FPU core, which was designed for real-time processing. It is capable of high-speed operation at up to 600MHz. A key advantage is that access does not need to be performed via cache memory. Tightly-coupled memory capable of real-time response processing enables high-speed access from the CPU without passing through the cache memory.

The high-performance power and analog system utilizes Renesas’ DC/DC, high-speed digital output photocouplers for the motor driver, as well as a high-performance isolated RS-485 transceiver to ensure a high-quality industrial solution.

System Benefits:

  • RZ/T1 high integration for factory automation applications with a high-performance MPU, R-In engine and encoder interface
  • High-performance DC/DC, photocoupler and operational amplifier, RS-485 converter
AC Servo Motor Control with Industrial Network Connections