Structural health monitors help detect changes to avoid damages. Because they are usually installed in hard-to-reach places, such as bridges, tunnels and industrial plants, the cost to replace a battery can be $20 to $30. 

This solution utilizes energy harvesting, which can eliminate battery replacement costs. The voltage of the charge stored by the RE01 32-bit energy harvesting microcontroller varies, so the ISL9122A buck-boost converter provides a stable voltage for the external devices of the RE01 32-bit MCU. It also employs various kinds of sensors to monitor structural health.

System benefits

  • Ultra-low IQ buck-boost regulator, ISL9122A, stabilizes the voltage generated by the RE01 energy harvest controller.
  • Light sensor, ISL29125, measures the quality of solar radiation to monitor ambient information and solar power generation.
  • Humidity and temperature sensor, HS3001, measures ambient information for the structural health monitor solution.
  • Outdoor air quality sensor, ZMOD4510, measures outdoor air quality (OAQ) as for the structural health monitor solution.

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