The outdoor sensor unit(s) for automatic home or building HVAC systems provide outdoor data from one or multiple bearings (North, East, West, South) to a master actuator. ​
This can be one or all of the following data:​

  • Outdoor air quality (OAQ according to the Environmental Protection Agency)​
  • Temperature and relative humidity (degrees, percentage)​
  • Light/Sun (lux)​
  • Barometric pressure (mbar)​

In addition, a simple GUI can be implemented via capacitive touch or push button(s), and/or a low power LCD (i.e., eInk) to display local sensor values and enter data. A more sophisticated GUI may also be achieved via a master actuator, IP gateway or smartphone. A real-time clock (RTC) could easily be added to switch between different operation modes, depending on the day, time, holiday, etc. All RTCs could also be synchronized within the system.​

System Benefits​

  • The RX23W MCU enables Bluetooth 5 mesh communication​
  • The energy harvesting controller, the RE01 series, can be used for power supply. It combines the control of charging and discharging dedicated capacitors and/or rechargeable batteries of different sources with a powerful Arm® core MCU. These harvesters could be one of the following:​
    •   Solar cell (i.e., using the natural or artificial room lighting)​
    •   Thermal harvester (e.g., from a radiator or hot pipe)​
    •   Vibration harvester (e.g., from machines/motors)​
    •   RF harvester (i.e., taking away some of the near field energy from a close-by RF transmitter)​



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