The new enhanced Common Public Radio Interface (eCPRI) Mass Multiple-input Multiple-output (MIMO) Remote Radio Unit (RRU) needs low phase noise and spurious performance to avoid channel blocking and interference. The system requires deterministic latency and low phase drift in a clock signal and needs to ensure receiver phase synchronization at a picosecond level. It is the base for accurate beamforming and MIMO architectures. Our solution consists of an RC38612 system synchronizer, 8V97003 microwave synthesizer, high-performance fanout buffer, and ultra-low noise LDO. It is an optimized design to achieve high timing precision, integration and flexibility that enables developers of 5G compliant networks and systems.

System Benefits​:

  • Highly integrated timing source eliminates the need for additional clock devices
  • Support for synchronized Ethernet (Sync-E), JESD204B/C, and IEEE 1588 G.8262.1 and G.8262 telecom boundary clock requirements and G.8273.2 Class C/D time accuracy
  • High-performance mmWave wideband synthesizer that generates output frequencies up to 18GHz



  • Wireless infrastructure for 5G Mass MIMO network equipment
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Winning Combinations

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