A motor-generator system mainly performs motor control to provide motive power and also controls regeneration via the motor acting as a generator. Advances aimed at lower fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions are being made constantly in motor and regeneration control, and they require microcontrollers (MCUs) with high performance and advanced functions.

In response to these demands, Renesas offers an extensive lineup of MCUs that incorporate high-performance CPUs, timers and ADC functions ideal for motor and regeneration control, and resolver/digital converters (RDCs) for a further reduction in system cost. We also supply analog and power devices suitable for motor-generator systems.

Better system performance and a more compact size can be achieved using a Renesas MCU equipped with functions optimal for HV/EV control.

Motor-Generator Control System

Motor Control IP (EMU)

  • Perform feedback control of a motor using dedicated hardware, and motor control without a CPU (software)
  • Vastly reduce CPU processing load and realize high-speed rotation
  • Basic hardware control, although software processing can also be inserted mid-control according to the customer's specifications
  • Can adjust fine operation gain using variable parameter settings


Resolver/Digital Converter (RDC)

  • Dedicated IP that processes complicated analog signals from a motor rotational angle sensor (resolver)
  • Port Tamagawa Seiki's proven RDC to Renesas' state-of-the-art process
  • More compact system size
  • Improved noise tolerance, reliability and precision
Resolver/Digital Converter (RDC)


Motor-Generator Control System

Motor-Generator Control System Block Diagram


Related Products


(Pin Count)
Control System
Main MCU
RH850/C1M-Ax 2M-4M 192K-320K 240-320
(Lock Step)
176-252 ECM, CLMA, ECC, TSG3, CAN(CANFD), 12-bit ADC, RDC3A, EMU3, ICU-S
RH850/C1x 2M-4M 128K-240K 240×2
(Lock Step)
144-252 ECM, CLMA, ECC, TSG3, CAN, 12-bit ADC, RDC2, EMU2
SH72AW, SH72AY 768K 96K 160 176 32K Data Flash, RDC*1, PWM output, 12-bit ADC, CAN, Motor-IP

* 1 RDC: Resolver/Digital Converter

Analog/Power Devices

Power Device
IPD uPD166023T1J 42V/12mΩ, 12-pin power HSSOP, single channel, high-side IPD, protection function, proportional load current sensing
uPD166027T1J 42V/35mΩ, 12-pin power HSSOP, dual channel, high-side IPD, protection function, proportional load current sensing
IGBT Bare-die support products Low Vce(sat) characteristics, high-speed switching characteristics
IGBT driver R2A25110KSP With insulating function (micro-isolator), isolation voltage: 2.5KVrms, excessive current protection function, mirror clamp function, soft turnoff function, etc.
Power Management IC RAA270000KFT Ideal power solution for the RH850/E1x/C1x. Integrated fault diagnosis and monitor functions
RAA270005KFP Ideal power solution for the RH850/P1x (with built in voltage regulator for the MCU’s core). Integrated fault diagnosis and monitor functions. Supports cranking operation
Op-Amp READ2351JSP Full range input/output, low power consumption
READ2352JSP Full range input/output, high slew rate
UPC1251/UPC451 Low power consumption
UPC842/UPC844 High slew rate
Comparator UPC277/UPC177 Low power consumption

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