The latest generation of vehicles are using the new electrical/electronic (E/E) architecture to connect vehicle computers with domain networks. These domains are managed by dedicated domain control units. This solution provides a reference design to develop domain control units by supporting a variety of physical networks and specialized power supply circuits for domain control, body, chassis, and gateway applications.

System Benefits

  • High performance CPUs integrated on the RH850/U2A to manage communication in the domain and to other engine control units (ECUs)
  • Supports a variety of physical network interfaces like Gbit Ethernet, high-speed serial interface, 16ch CAN-FD/24ch LIN/UART, FlexRay, SENT, etc.
  • Buck regulators and LDOs enabling a compact, low-noise design and high efficiency, supporting a wide power supply range and high temperature operation
  • Applications and driver software shorten development time

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