Use of Brushless DC Motors in Cars is Expanding

Mechanical methods were replaced with brushed DC Motors, and now brushless DC motors

Motors are used in a variety of applications in a car, supporting an environmentally-friendly, safe, secure, and comfortable automotive society. Although brushed DC motors have been used in cars instead of conventional mechanical methods with the aim of improving power and fuel efficiency and reducing size, brushed motors come with issues such as noise caused by friction, sparks or electrical noise, and wear over time. The brushless DC motor (BLDC) solves these issues. The brushless DC motor (BLDC) first became possible thanks to the evolution of semiconductor and other peripheral technology. It has a long life and is energy saving, low noise, small, and light, and does not spark. Use of brushless DC motors in cars is expanding due to their ease of maintenance, silent operation, and size reducing and safety improving characteristics.

RL78 Accelerates the Switch to Brushless DC Motor Control

Connect quickly and rotate quickly. Improve your development efficiency.

The RL78/F13, F14 and F15 microcontrollers employ the RL78 core, which realizes high processing performance with the lowest-class power consumption in the world, and have enhanced computing capability and peripheral functions for motor control. They are ideal for vector control of brushless DC motors (BLDC).

  • Ultra low power consumption and system eco-friendliness
  • Comprehensive product variations that use the same core and peripheral functions make it easy to build a development platform
  • High temperature support (Ta = 150°C) enables use in high heat environments such as engine compartments and headlights
  • Simple kit solutions allow users to get started with brushless DC (BLDC) motor control right away

Example of RL78 Brushless DC Motor Control Application

A car contains over fifty small motors. Among these small motors, more and more are switching to brushless DC motors (BLDC) for better energy savings, longer life, more compact size, and noise reduction.

DC motors

Block Diagram Wiper

Block Diagram Power Window

Block Diagram Water Pump

Block Diagram AFS

Block Diagram Radiator Cooling Fan

Optimal Functions for Brushless DC Motor Scalar Control and Vector Control are Built In

Realize ideal motor control using Timer RD of RL78/F13, F14 or F15

Vector Control with Timer RD

Partner Tools Provide Product Development Support

Perfect for consideration or implementation of brushless DC motor control using RL78/F13, F14 or F15

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