A 5V power supply is often used in automotive systems, and monitoring functions can be easily added by using CMIC*1. CMIC GreenPAK™ is a cost-effective NVM*2 programmable device that allows automotive designers to integrate many system functions into a single AEC-Q100 qualified IC, resulting in minimizing component count and board space.

System Benefits:

  • Provides monitoring functions to low cost and simple voltage regulators, including over/undervoltage detection, watchdog timer and reset control during failure detection.
  • Enables retrofitting a CMIC to existing designs.
  • The GreenPAK designer software/development kit enables quick modification to changing design requirements and increased productivity at the design and prototype verification stages.

*1 CMIC: Configurable Mixed-signal IC
*2 NVM: Non-Volatile Memory

Automotive Monitoring Function Extension

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