ISL81801 Bidirectional Buck-Boost and ISL81802 Dual Buck Controllers Provide the Extra Voltage Margin Required for 48V Telecom, Data Center & Industrial Applications

October 21, 2020

TOKYO, Japan ― Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE:6723), a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced a pair of innovative 80V DC/DC controllers that support the extra voltage margin needed for data center servers, 48V telecom and rugged industrial equipment.

The ISL81801 buck-boost controller acts like a “UPS on a chip” by enabling bidirectional current flow (forward or reverse) using constant-voltage and constant-current regulation. This allows a battery or supercapacitor to be charged and discharged using a single controller and power path. The ISL81801’s combination of the industry’s highest 80V buck-boost switching frequency (600 kHz) and smallest package (5mm x 5mm) lets designers create ultra-compact, high-density power solutions. Its wide 4.5V to 80V range is perfect for many common applications, including 48V motor drives, telecom, industrial battery backup systems, and solar power.

The ISL81802 is a single-chip, 80V dual-phase synchronous buck controller with integrated drivers. It is the industry’s only 80V buck controller capable of 1MHz switching frequency, enabling the use of small power supply inductors to improve power density. For higher power applications, multiple ISL81802s can be paralleled and interleaved with best-in-class transient response. The ISL81802 can generate either two independent outputs, or a single high-current output, allowing creative power supply engineers tremendous flexibility and IP re-use across platforms. Additionally, the capability to supply either a constant output voltage or a constant current opens up a wide array of end-user applications, ranging from LED drive to powering blowers to maximize airflow in dense data center systems.

“The new 80V ISL81801 joins the popular 60V ISL81601 and 40V ISL81401 bidirectional buck-boost controllers that team with our industry-leading MCUs, power and analog portfolio, offering customers a family of choices for optimizing battery health and power use,” said Philip Chesley, Vice President of the Industrial and Communications Business Division at Renesas. “Leveraging Renesas’ proprietary modulation scheme and algorithms allows the highly integrated ISL81801 and ISL81802 to achieve the highest reliability performance, and the ability to react quickly to transient loads with a minimum number of BOM components.”

Key Features of the ISL81801 Buck-Boost DC/DC Controller

  • Wide input voltage range of 4.5V to 80V
  • Wide output voltage range of 0.8V to 80V
  • Programmable frequency from 100 kHz to 600 kHz with interleaved current sharing
  • Sense both positive and negative inductor peak current
  • Extensive multilayer protection for overvoltage, overtemperature, average and peak current limit on both outputs, undervoltage lockout, soft start, and shoot-through protection for MOSFET drivers

Key Features of the ISL81802 Dual-Phase Buck DC/DC Controller

  • Wide input voltage range of 4.5V to 80V
  • Wide output voltage range of 0.8V to 76V
  • Programmable frequency from 100 kHz to 1 MHz
  • Each output features independent soft start and precision output-enable controls
  • Extensive multilayer protection for overvoltage, undervoltage lockout, overtemperature, average and peak current limit on both outputs, and shoot-through protection for MOSFET drivers

Renesas High Voltage Winning Combination Solutions

Renesas’ popular ISL81601 60V bidirectional 4-switch synchronous buck-boost controller and ISL81401 40V bidirectional 4-switch synchronous buck-boost controller are already powering several innovative and comprehensive customer solutions, including a solar battery charger, emergency broadcast system (watercraft), power line feeder terminal unit, ventilator system, 48V mobility solution, USB Type-C charger, and wireless charging for portable devices.

Renesas’ complementary product portfolios of Analog + Power + Embedded Processing work together to deliver comprehensive solutions. Our product experts have developed “Winning Combinations,” compelling product combinations that help our customers accelerate their designs and get to market faster. These portfolio combinations focus on vertical applications, including industrial, infrastructure, automotive, and consumer segments, to service more customers and partners worldwide. See our more than 200 Winning Combinations at:


Mass production quantities of the ISL81801 80V bidirectional 4-switch synchronous buck-boost controller and ISL81802 80V dual synchronous buck controller are available now from Renesas’ worldwide distributors. They are supplied in 5mm x 5mm, 32-lead QFN packages and 38-lead, 4.4mm x 9.7mm HTSSOP packages.

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