Reality AI to demonstrate AI-enabled, contactless vibration sensing based on doppler radar at Sensors Converge 9/21-23

September 15, 2021

MARYLAND ― Reality AI today announced it will partner with Fujitsu Component Limited (Tokyo, Japan) to bring Fujitsu Component’s contactless vibration sensor to manufacturing and industrial applications. This sensor uses doppler radar to measure extremely small movements, and will now be available for vibration sensing applications where physical contact is impractical or impossible.

The vibration sensor will be integrated with RealityCheck AD, the new Edge AI / TinyML offering from Reality AI announced earlier this week. RealityCheck AD combines award-winning machine learning software from Reality AI with an edge node and a selection of sensors for quick deployment in factory and manufacturing environments for automated equipment monitoring and end-of-line testing.

In many cases, sensor placement is difficult due to the temperature of the mounting surface, the difficulty of access, or corrosive/explosive environments. Fujitsu Component’s radar-based sensor allows for vibration monitoring with full time-domain detail at 2 kHz sampling rate.

“We are very pleased to work with Reality AI to develop and release this industrial version of our radar sensor,” said Atsushi Nakatani, Marketing Senior Manager at Fujitsu Component. “They are the market leader in the application of Edge AI / TinyML to commercial and industrial applications, and the combination of their machine learning with our radar sensor is extremely powerful.”

“This contactless radar sensor based on doppler is a game-changer for our customers,” said Stuart Feffer, CEO at Reality AI. “Sensing at a distance, at this price point, with these specifications, is completely new. We expect our customers to adopt it quickly across a range of factory use cases.”

Production samples of Fujitsu Component’s Doppler Radar Sensor are now available.

RealityCheck AD with the Fujitsu Component’s Doppler Radar sensor will be demonstrated live at the upcoming Sensors Converge Expo in San Jose, from Sept 21 to 23. People unable to attend can contact Reality AI to arrange a virtual or private demonstration.

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