Reality AI Tools® is now an “AI signal engineer” and MATLAB programmer

February 10, 2021

COLUMBIA, Maryland ― Leading Edge AI company Reality AI today announced the beta program for “Reality AI for MATLAB”, an add-on to its Reality AI Tools® software that enables users to develop optimized feature computations and machine learning models for advanced sensing automatically. Reality AI for MATLAB will then generate MATLAB code for discovered features and models, in effect turning Reality AI into an artificially intelligent engineer and MATLAB programmer.

This will be especially useful to engineers building intelligent devices or components who need to understand the mathematics of how their smart products reach decisions, as this “artificially intelligent MATLAB user” will also be able to explain how Reality AI machine learning models work using MATLAB functions and visualizations.

To facilitate the development of Reality AI for MATLAB, Reality AI has joined the Mathworks Connections Program and will seek full certification as a Product Partner following completion of the Beta program.

“So much of the machine learning world is focused on Python, Keras and TensorFlow Lite,” said Stuart Feffer, CEO of Reality AI. “But our customers are engineers – and they are much more likely to be working in MATLAB. This new offering ensures Reality AI remains a tool for them, giving engineers the transparency they need to do their jobs and integrating with their existing development environments.”

Reality AI is now soliciting participation in the Reality AI for MATLAB beta program. Participants will continue to have access to all of the features of their Reality AI Tools subscription, but will also be able to export models in MATLAB form. Reality AI will continue to offer highly optimized versions of their models compiled for ARM Cortex M-, R- and A-class microcontrollers, but beta participants will also have the option to take delivery of MATLAB code and run it through their MATLAB and SIMULINK tool chains.

Reality AI offers “a smarter way to build intelligent machines” — software and solutions for engineers working with sensors to build prototypes and then develop those prototypes into real products. Customers use Reality AI for condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, automotive sensing, gesture recognition, and other use cases involving sensor input and local, embedded deployment.

About Reality AI

Reality Analytics Inc. (“Reality AI”) a provider of AI software to engineers in corporate R&D departments in the automotive, industrial and consumer/commercial products sectors. Reality AI is based in Columbia, Maryland, and maintains additional offices for sales and support in Silicon Valley, Detroit and Tokyo, Japan. The company’s main product is Reality AI Tools®, a software environment for creating and deploying smart devices using sensors. Reality AI technology is covered by 14 US patents, with four additional patents pending. Additional information at

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