Our Basic Approach

We recognize that it is very important to ensure management efficiency, integrity, and transparency to continuously improve our corporate value. Therefore, we are striving to establish effective management system and implement a variety of measures in the aim of achieving appropriate corporate governance system.

We set up the board of auditors as defined in Companies Act, and established corporate governance system by which corporate auditors can properly audit execution of directors' duties. Full-time auditors who have profound knowledge and experience of semiconductor business put together quality information in close coordination with accounting auditors, Internal Audit Office, which conducts internal audit, and other relevant business divisions. And then, the board of auditors including highly independent part-time auditors conducts analysis of the information from objective and many different viewpoints. We firmly believe that this corporate governance system is working effectively and appropriately.

Outside / Independent Directors and Corporate Auditors

We proactively appoint 4 outside directors and 4 outside corporate auditors who have a great variety of experience and expertise to incorporate outside perspective and multilaterally deal with management issues. Furthermore, we search for superior human resources, and appoint 4 outside directors and 3 out of 4 outside corporate auditors as independent directors. They have no conflict of interests and can provide appropriate and objective advice to improve our business performance as well as corporate governance.

Internal Control System

We made resolution and put into practice of the basic policies for the establishment of structures, as set forth in Item 6, Paragraph 4, Article 362 of the Companies Act and Paragraphs 1 and 3, Article 100 of the Ordinance for Enforcement of the Companies Act ("Internal Control System"). In addition, we periodically hold Internal Control Promotion Committee to discuss topics, and decide and promote our Group's policies with respect to internal control stipulated in Companies Act and Financial Instruments and Exchange Act.

Corporate Governance System

(as of April 1, 2019)

chart: Corporate Governance System