Selected as a member of the SNAM Sustainability Index

Renesas became a member of the SNAM Sustainability Index, established by Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Asset Management Co., Ltd. (SNAM) for the first time. The SNAM Sustainability Index is managed with a long-term perspective for pension funds and institutional investors who invest broadly in companies with strong ESG ratings. Every year, approximately 300 stocks achieve an excellent ESG rating.


Received the “Best Award” at the Kanto Region Electricity Use Rationalization Committee Chairman's Award

Renesas’ Takasaki Factory, located in Gunma Prefecture, received the highest award in the 2018 Kanto Region Electricity Use Rationalization Committee Chairman's Award. This award is given to factories, workplaces and individuals who have made remarkable achievements including the effective use of electricity, promotion of saving energy, and load ratio improvements.


Named Derwent Top 100 Global Innovator 2020

Renesas was included in the "Derwent Top 100 Global Innovators" list by Climate Analytics for the fourth consecutive year. This award selects leading global companies and organizations that protect ideas, innovations and inventions through intellectual property rights and successful commercialization. This recognition shows just how much our products, based on the creativity and innovation of our technological inventions, are recognized globally.

Received the Governor of Tokyo Award at the Kanto Region Invention Awards

The "Battery Management IC and Impedance Measurement Method (JP 2012-245554)" patent filed by Hidekazu Nagato and Hiromasa Takahashi (both from our Musashi Office), received the “Governor of Tokyo Award” at the Kanto Region Invention Awards Ceremony in November 2019. This award is presented to excellent inventions that are extremely easy to implement and are recognized as contributing to the improvement of local industries.
The patents awarded this time support the Dynamic Battery Power Technology (DBPT) function according to the battery level and properties.
* Office locations the employees worked in at the time of the award.

Received the Japanese “Medal with Yellow Ribbon” at the Spring Medal of Honor Ceremony of 2020

Koji Iwamoto (Kawajiri Factory), In-House Equipment Improvement and Repair Promotion Section of our Process Production Technology Division received the Medal with Yellow Ribbon for his excellence as an electrical equipment maintenance engineer. This medal is one of Japan's awards for those who have contributed to society, public welfare, culture, etc., and the Medal with Yellow Ribbon is presented to those who are diligent in work such as agriculture, commerce, and manufacturing, and have skills and practices that are exemplary to others.


Received the “Electrical and Electronic Components Award” at the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun's Super Monozukuri Component Awards

The resolver-based stepping motor control solution jointly developed by Renesas and Minebeamitsumi, won the Electrical and Electronic Components Award at the Super Monozukuri Components Awards organized by the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun.

Received Electronics Weekly’s “Semiconductor Product of the Year” at Elektra Awards 2019

At the annual Elektra Awards in London, Renesas’ RZ/A2M MCU featuring Dynamically Reconfigurable Processors (DRP) received Semiconductor Product of the Year in the Digital category. RZ/A2M is a low-power MCU that can process images in real-time, enabling embedded devices to incorporate image recognition and AI functions at low power consumption, accelerating the intelligence of endpoint devices.

RE Family Receives “Product of the Year” at Elektronik’s Readers Award

At the annual Readers Award held by Elektronik, Renesas’ RE Family received Third Place for the Product of the Year in the Semiconductor + IP category. Renesas's outstanding ultra-low power-consumption technology in the RE Family was highly evaluated, leading to this award.

Received “Breakthrough Technology Award” at Top 10 Power Products 2020 by 21IC

Renesas's lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery management IC ISL78714 received the Breakthrough Technology Award at the Top 10 Power Products 2020 held by the Chinese media 21IC. ISL78714 received this award for its ability to offer unmatched lifetime accuracy performance.

Received “Digital ICs Award” at ElectroniqueS's Electrons d'Or Award

At ElectroniqueS's Electrons d'Or Award held in Paris, Renesas's outstanding ultra-low power-consumption technology for R7F0E was highly evaluated, resulting in receiving the Digital IC Award.

Received “Best in Show Awards” for Embedded Computing Design at the IoT World Conference

At the annual IoT World Conference in San Jose, California, USA, Renesas's MCU R7F0E and buck-boost controllers ISL81601 and ISL81401 won Embedded Computing Design's Best in Show Award in the AI & Machine Learning and Power Electronics categories. The R7F0E MCU, which won in the AI & Machine Learning category, is equipped with Renesas's ultra-low-power SOTB processing technology. It contributes to the elimination of batteries in IoT equipment, while ISL81601 and ISL81401, which won the award in the Power Electronics category, contribute to the efficient use of batteries by minimizing power loss and achieving higher efficiency.

2020 Won China Artificial Intelligence Excellence Innovation Award

Renesas’ embedded MPU RZ/T1, which has excellent real-time performance, was awarded a China Artificial Intelligence Excellence Innovation Award in the “Most Innovative Value Product” category at the Artificial Intelligence Summit sponsored by the Chinese media "Elecfans".
We received this award because the use of RZ/T1 with e-AI can realize intelligence in endpoint devices.