Renesas Electronics is the world's number one supplier of microcontrollers and a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, including system-on-chip and a wide range of discrete analogue and power devices. Established in 2010, Renesas Electronics combines the collective semiconductor expertise of Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electric and NEC Electronics, encapsulating more than 200 years’ experience.

Renesas’ products are the result of decades of research and investment into semiconductor technology and customer solutions. Today, they provide pioneering platforms for the advancement of the Smart Society, embedding intelligence, connectivity, safety and security in solutions for cars, homes, buildings and factories. In Europe, Renesas complements its cutting-edge technology with resources that foster customer proximity and span the entire product lifecycle including the European Quality Assurance Centre in Duesseldorf, which provides technical support to customers throughout the region.

Headquartered in Japan, Renesas Electronics has subsidiaries in 20 countries worldwide.
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Renesas Electronics Europe

Renesas Electronics Europe's top management is comprised of Olav Schulte as president and CEO.

Renesas Electronics Europe Ltd. is headquartered in Buckinghamshire in the UK.


The German-based Business Operations Centre and headquarters of Renesas Electronics Europe GmbH is located in Duesseldorf. This is a subsidiary of Renesas Electronics Europe Ltd., while the other European operations are subsidiaries of the Duesseldorf office.


Renesas Electronics Europe has the same structure as our global organisation:

The Solution Business Units, the Supply Chain Management Unit, the Corporate Planning Unit, the Organisation Development Unit, and Direct Reports – to reflect the merged company's strategic orientation going forward.


The Solution Business Units are divided into the following three application-oriented Units:

  • Automotive Solution Business Unit
  • Industrial Solution Business Unit
  • Broad-Based Solution Business Unit


The Supply Chain Management Unit includes Business Planning, Operations and Supply Chain Management.


The Corporate Planning & Organisation Development Units and Direct Reports cover organisational and enterprise services such as Finance, Global Communication, Legal, General Affairs, Human Resources, IT, Compliance & Export Control and a Quality Assurance Centre to provide technical support to local customers in Europe.