Third Party’s Opinion on Our Environmental Report 2019

Opinions from third parties have been received on this environmental report 2019.

Comments from Associate Professor Ueda, who is researching "Environmental Integrated Production System" at Tokyo University of Agriculture.

The Renesas Group will continue to promote environmental activities based on the opinions received.

Tomohisa Ueda

Associate Professor of Tokyo University of Agriculture, Faculty of Bioindustry, Department of Business, Natural Resource and Economic Development

Dr. Tomohisa Ueda


Doctor of Business Administration. He researches and investigates the establishment of environment-production integrated systems in the semiconductor industry to promote a sustainable society.

In this environmental report, SDGs is introduced as an index for actively promoting environmental activities. In addition, comparing your own environmental activities to the individual goals of SDGs makes it easy to understand what various activities mean socially. It goes without saying that the activity in various places deserves some degree of evaluation in this report. Renesas Electronics is also hoping to take environmental activities one step further and points out the following points.

The first point is the Environmental Action Guidelines. Here, the process from research and development to disposal is covered, and the need for environmentally friendly manufacturing is clearly stated. And the ultimate goal of the Environmental Action Guidelines is to establish a sustainable society. Based on this, if this action guideline is reviewed, problems will arise in the range (from R & D to disposal) handled by Renesas Electronics. In other words, it is difficult to build a sustainable society simply by effectively using the depleted resources. In order to work on environmental activities in line with the final goal, it is necessary to consider "manufacturing" that conscious that wastes will be reborn into their "circulation" after the product (arterial flow) to be produced is disposed of (venous flow) There is. In this regard, I would like you to reconsider the definition of environmentally conscious products with disposal in mind.

The second point points out environmental pollution. Measures to prevent environmental pollution are indicated, but it is necessary to assume that environmental pollution will occur as a result of taking preventive measures and doing its best. Recently, if there is a natural disaster or other damage, the company has a social tendency not only to conclude "unexpected" but also to accept it. This perception has the impression that it hinders prompt response after injury. In the case of environmental pollution, this report needs to clarify what measures are necessary and the costs that are expected to be appropriate. By expressing this, it is possible to respond quickly after damage. You need risk management that is not "unexpected" but "planned". In the semiconductor industry, we look forward to proactive efforts in this regard, referring to environmental pollution that has occurred in the past.

Acknowledgment of thanks

We at Renesas Electronics received the above valuable opinions and advice from Professor Ueda. Thank you very much.