Eco-Products Initiative (Eco-Product Activities)

Semiconductor Product Development for the Realization of a Sustainable Society

The business activities of the Renesas group are to contribute to society by creating semiconductor products that take global environment into consideration in all life cycles from R & D, design, procurement, production, sales, distribution, use and disposal.

As an important part of the Environmental Action Guidelines, we are creating environmentally friendly products (eco product activities).

The Creation of Eco-Products

In order to achieve the creation of eco-products, we incorporate a product environmental assessment that evaluates the environmental burden improvement in all product development and design processes. Assessment will evaluate environmental performance by comparing it with conventional products in 8 items such as weight reduction, product safety,energy conservation, and distribution.

The Renesas Green Device is internally certified as a product with an assessed environmental performance above the set criterion level. Products with higher environmental performance are selected and certified as Renesas Super Green Devices. This helps improve the performance of Renesas Super Green Devices itself, customers’ products, helps make them smaller and more energy-efficient.

We will continue to promote the creation of eco-products (eco product activities).

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Introducing Renesas Super Green Devices for the Public

We introduce some of products certified as "Renesas Super Green Device".

Product name Type Application Environmental Performance Device Features
RJU1CF00DWA Fast recovery diode General purpose inverter         Low switching loss in a large electric current region with fast and soft recovery characteristics
RJU1CF01DWA Fast recovery diode General purpose inverter         Ultra low switching losses up to the high current area characteristic as above
RJH65T14DPQ IGBT+Fast recovery diode High power control such as IH heater         Realizing miniaturization by packaging both IGBT and fast recovery diode in one body
RJE0620JPD High performance power MOSFET (Thermal FET) Power supply switching           Realizing both high performance and miniaturization with built-in overheat cutoff circuit
R5F11AG series General purpose low-end MCU Bluetooth Low Energy         TR and RC power is half that of other companies
Minimize the number of external components and miniaturize the board
NP30N04QUK Power MOSFET for low-middle power Switching, Car mounted ECU control         Mounting Dual chip and miniaturizing system configuration 50% in size
R7S721000VCBG Display (Camera, Network, Sound) control MCU Car mounted display control         Eliminating DRAM on peripheral components
Enabling miniaturization of module board size
Enlarging internal memory
R7S721000VLFP Display (Camera, Network, Sound) control MCU Display control           Same as above, the internal memory size is further increased
RAJ240500A20DNP Charge and discharge control, Current monitoring function with AD converter MCU Monitoring and controlling Lithium-ion rechargeable battery         Optimizing battery efficiency by integrating all necessary features in one package,realizing miniaturization for a lightweight device
RBA80N04AHWAUH01 Low on resistance, small to medium power MOSFET Switching, Car mounted ECU control           Improved function with builtin temperature sensing diode Reducing power consumption by 20% by low On resistance
RBA60N04AHWAUH02 Low on resistance, small to medium power MOSFET Switching, Car mounted ECU control           Same as above Improved function with builtin temperature sensing diode
Reducing power consumption by 20%
R9A06G043GBG (EC-1) Industrial Ethernet communication dedicated LSI (EC-1) EtherCAT dedicated remote I/O
EtherCAT slave controller (ESC)
          Both communication processing and applications can be controlled by EC-1 alone. We adopt BGA (12 x 12 mm) small package
Product details: R9A06G043GBG (EC-1)
R7FS128 series Renesas Synergy™ Microcontroller
S1 series Ultra-Low Power
Building Automation / Health care / House electric appliances / etc.           Low voltage / Ultra low energy operation, Many peripheral function devices:Equipped with Analog (ADC,DAC,OPAMP,Comparator), Connectivity (USB, CAN, DALI, SPI, IIC etc.) function
Product details: R7FS128 series
R8A77920DA01BG In-vehicle camera image recognition ( input, distortion adjustment / recognition processing) SoC Camera image recognition processing           Enhancement of number of inputs, miniaturization
Reduced power consumption by 30% or more
R7F701383EAFP RH850 Automotive RISC Microcontroller Chassis & safety automatic operation control         Compared with conventional products, advanced safety and security, rich interface to improve functions
Product details: R7F701383EAFP
R7F7015874AFP-C RH850 Automotive 32bit Microcontroller For automotive electrical components           The function is equivalent, but downsizing than the conventional product, and the power consumption is reduced by 48% or more

Environmental Performance (according to our internal standard)

  to      : "Renesas Green Device"

      to            : "Renesas Super Green Device"

In addition to the above, there are many products certified as "Renesas Green Device" and "Renesas Super Green Device".

For details, please contact sales company / distributor or our sales department.