RX65N Envision Kit Creating Graphical User Interfaces

The Envision Kit allows quick and easy evaluation of the RX65N microcontrollers group, which is an excellent choice for your next low cost HMI (Human Machine Interface) project. Moreover the RX65N Envision Kit allows you to experience, through pre-installed demos, firmware updating using the new dual-bank flash function of the RX65N microcontroller, graphics performance using LCDC and a 2D drawing engine, and many more. Renesas offers everything you need for your own board and demo development, such as a board circuit diagram and demo source code, so the kit can be used as a sample for developing your set. This tutorial guides you in a step by step approach building your own TFT solution in an easy manner using the Segger emWin software package which can be used by any RX651 and RX65N customer without additional license cost.