e² studio - How to Install and Get Ready

Startup guide video of e² studio. Demonstrated installation of e² studio and complier(s).

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How to Use the e² studio

Various guides to the basic usage of the e² studio are available as listed in the table below. You can also view a video on how to download and install the e² studio. Watch the video. >>

Renesas MCUs Installation Building and Debugging Generating Code
RA family (Note1) See the Web page on the Flexible Software Package (FSP) for the RA Family.
RE family (Note1)
RX family e² studio User's Manual: Getting Started Guide for V7.0 RX Smart Configurator User's Guide: e² studio
RL78 family See Chapter 3 and subsequent chapters of the AP4, Applilet3 Common Operations User's Manual.
RH850 family
RZ family e² studio v7.4 Integrated Development Environment User's Manual: Getting Started Guide RENESAS MCU RZ Family RZ/A2M Smart Configurator User Guide: e² studio (Note2)
Renesas Synergy e² studio ISDE Renesas Synergy Standalone Configurator (SSC)


  1. The user guide is being prepared.
  2. The user guides for the code-generating tools for the other groups of the RZ Family are being prepared.