Renesas Electronics has the Alliance Partner Program, which offers solutions that utilize our products and services. Our partners can provide you with great support in a variety of aspects. We also have consortiums for specific fields such as automotive and industrial to strengthen collaboration among companies. For details, please see each section below.

Alliance Partners

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The Alliance partner program provides online tools to increase the synergy between our customers, third party partners, and Renesas.

Customers can search our online database to quickly find qualified design consultants, programming houses, partner development tools, and manufacturing companies that provide services or products that support Renesas products and customers.

Participating companies will be entered into the online database gaining visibility to the thousands of Renesas customers viewing our web pages every day.


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Boards and Kits Search

You can use the useful filters on this page to select purpose, application, and so on to easily find the best boards and kits from Renesas and our partners for your project.


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R-Car Consortium

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The R-Car Consortium aims to lead the integrated cockpit market through:

  • Collaboration with partners
  • Mutual cooperation to shorten the development period (accelerate development)
  • Enhancement of a support system
  • Implementation of next-generation integrated cockpit solutions


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R-IN Consortium

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The R-IN Consortium provides members with the latest information about Renesas, encourages members to share information on trends in the industrial market among themselves, and makes available examples of industrial solutions.

By engaging actively in information dissemination on a global scale, the consortium serves as a venue for generating collaboration among Renesas and its partners.

The R-IN Consortium aims at being a one-stop source of essential information and consulting support to make worldwide industry more efficient and active and provide added value, to help partners benefit their customers.


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