Realizes rich user interfaces easily.
Supports full HD movie, 3D graphics, and Linux.
Provides the human interface (HMI) suitable for customer's needs.

Simple HMI development by utilizing Open OS (Linux) resources

Renesas provides the RZ/G series that supports multiple movie processing, 3D graphics, and a variety of high-speed interfaces, improving the expressiveness of the user interface and creating a new value to video sensing.

Human Interface


Renesas supports the customer's HMI development from various angles.

In-house development

A variety of evaluation boards that enable simple HMI evaluation are provided by Atmark Techno, Inc. The RZ/G1 evaluation board offers a variety of software applications for distribution, LinuxBSP, OpenGL, and H.264, enabling you to evaluate and develop software.

Evaluation board (Armadillo-EVA1500)

Evaluation board (Armadillo-EVA1500)

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Access for purchase

Partner companies that provide RZ/G1 evaluation board and services

Shinko Shoji Co.,Ltd.

RZ/G1 evaluation board


RZ/G1 evaluation board

User's Manuals

RZ/G1M Product Specification Overview

Apr.28.15 Rev.0.10



RZ/G1E Product Specification Overview

Apr.28.15 Rev.0.10




RZ Family Catalog

Oct.15.15 Rev.1.00



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