This design demonstrates an air duct system that purifies the air inside homes by sensing the temperature, humidity and air quality. The RL78 microcontroller (MCU) series has a variety of functions and a wide lineup, as well as a standby function to reduce current consumption to minimize standby power. The RX23T MCU also enables efficient motor control.

System Benefits

  • Minimize standby power with the RL78 MCU series
  • Efficient motor control with the RX23T MCU
  • Temperature/Humidity and gas sensors protect air quality and supports filter exchange detection
System Block Diagram

Air Duct System


瑞萨电子的成功产品组合(模拟 + 电源 + 嵌入式处理)如何共同交付综合全面的解决方案。我们的产品专家开发出“产品组合”,汇集引人注目的产品,能帮助我们的客户加速设计,加快上市进程。