Renesas Synergy™ Even More IoT Friendly with Latest Synergy Software Package!

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Renesas Synergy™ is a complete and qualified platform for IoT that includes integrated software tested to commercial standards, a scalable family of microcontrollers (MCUs), unified software development tools, plus support and maintenance. Simply purchasing a Synergy MCU enables developers to use Synergy software and tools in mass production. The platform gives back time and resources to developers so they can innovate and differentiate their products and get to market sooner.

What is Renesas Synergy™?

Renesas Synergy SSP

The most recent software release, Synergy Software Package (SSP) v1.3 now includes Express Logic’s NetX Secure™, Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Message Queue Telemetry Transport (MQTT) for NetX Duo™. SSP v1.3 also adds Wi-Fi, LTE cellular and Bluetooth® low energy (BLE) wireless application frameworks that simplify adding or exchanging radio frequency (RF) modules in IoT devices. This powerful combination of capabilities can save months of developers’ time to create secure connections to the cloud.

Featured 1:

Rely on New Wireless Connectivity Application Frameworks

SSP Application Frameworks for wireless connectivity abstract details of various RF hardware by providing a unified API for the main application program to add RF modules or enable rapid evaluation of RF modules from different vendors – faster and easier.

Rely on New Wireless Connectivity Application Frameworks

Featured 2:

TLS and MQTT for Secure, Efficient IoT Communication

SSP v1.3 includes TLS that delivers security three ways: by establishing secret keys between the client and server, applying hashing algorithms to detect alteration or forgery of packet content, and authorizing remote host identity using digital certificates. TLS is used for confidential data such as personal and credit card information to be transmitted safely. Furthermore, the MQTT protocol is available that enables lightweight machine-to-machine communication across small IoT edge devices powered by MCUs. This combination of TLS and MQTT protocols ensures secure and efficient communication from edge to cloud.

TLS & MQTT for Secure Compact Communication, Most Suitable for IoT

Featured 3:

Connect to Cloud Service in 10 Minutes and Start Evaluation

The Synergy Enterprise Cloud Toolbox, available in Q1 2018, will open access to all-in-one environment including hardware, software and cloud service to enable easy connection so you can start evaluation immediately. This toolbox is will be a solid foundation to develop and bring to market connected IoT devices.

Connect Cloud Service in 10 Minutes and Start Evaluation

Even More IoT Friendlier By The New SSP! View details of Renesas Synergy™. 

View details of Renesas Synergy

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