The E10A-USB emulator is equipped with the download function to the flash memory. The user needs to prepare a download program to use this function. Download program contains the following functions.

  • Download the user program to the external flash memory
  • Set the PC break point in the external flash memory Note1
  • Rewrite the external flash memory directly with the memory window Note1

Note1: Not available with the E10A-USB emulator for SuperH Family.


Important Information

Before creating an Application Note available below, the operation has been confirmed by Renesas. However, this does not mean that the Renesas is responsible for guaranteed operation. Before reading the Application Note, please refer to the section of Download Function to the Flash Memory Area, in the Debugger Part of the E10A-USB emulator user's manual for each microcomputer family (HS0005KCU01HE). Please note that Renesas does not offer any technical support about what is written in the following documents and introduced sample programs below.

SuperH Family Flash Memory Download Program

Caution: When selecting SH7047, SH7144, or SH7145, the download function to the flash memory is not available.

Flash Programming Types Flash Memory Manufacturer Target MCU Sample Program Further Note Application Note (Preliminary Version)
Byte Mode Word Mode
CUI command type Renesas Electronics SuperH family Download Download  Readme -RENESAS-  Application Note
Intel® Download Download  Readme -INTEL-
JEDEC standard command compatible type Fujitsu® - Download  Readme -FUJITSU-

 Guide to Using the Download Program to Flash Memory for the E10A-USB Emulator:

This document is a guide to practically use the Application Note introduced on the web site. This guide explains some points of each document introduced on the web site so that the users can write the program efficiently.


 Customization of Flash Memory Download Program for E10A-USB Emulator:

Points to be noted when creating the write and erase modules for writing to the flash memory, which is not stated on the web site, is described.

H8S, H8SX Family Flash Memory Download Program

Caution: Available microcomputers in H8S Family are as follows.

  • H8S/2378F
  • H8S/2378RF
  • H8S/2377F
  • H8S/2377RF
  • H8S/2367F
  • H8S/2368F
  • H8S/24249
  • H8S/24248
  • H8S/24245
  • H8S/24242
  • H8S/24241
  • H8S/24259
  • H8S/24258
  • H8S/24256
  • H8S/24255
  • H8S/24269
  • H8S/24269R
  • H8S/24268
  • H8S/24268R
  • H8S/24265
  • H8S/24265R
  • H8S/24262
  • H8S/24262R
  • H8S/24261
  • H8S/24261R
  • H8S/24279R
  • H8S/24278R
  • H8S/24276R
  • H8S/24275R
  • H8S/24279
  • H8S/24278
  • H8S/24276
  • H8S/24275
  • H8S/24549
  • H8S/24548
  • H8S/24545
  • H8S/24542
  • H8S/24541
  • H8S/24569
  • H8S/24569R
  • H8S/24568
  • H8S/24568R
  • H8S/24565
  • H8S/24565R
  • H8S/24562
  • H8S/24562R
  • H8S/24561
  • H8S/24561R
  • H8S_custom_SoC (2000)
  • H8S_custom_SoC (2600)
  • R8J32500 (2600)
  • R8J32700 (2600)
  • H8S_custom_SoC2 (2000)
  • H8S_custom_SoC2(2600)
Flash Programming Types Flash Memory Manufacturer Target MCU Sample Program (Word Mode) Example of File for Flash Memory Download Note2 Further Note Application Note
JEDEC command type Toshiba H8S, H8SX  Readme -TOSHIBA-  Application Note
JEDEC command type (with initialization routine)  Readme -TOSHIBA-
CUI command type Renesas Electronics  Readme -RENESAS-
CUI command type (with initialization routine)  Readme -RENESAS-

Note2: Refer to the application note and modify settings suitable for specific of flash memory on using and a connection with the CPU.