E1 emulator [R0E000010KCE00] (Discontinued product)


The E1 emulator is an on-chip debugging emulator and flash programmer which supports the major Renesas MCUs. This economical development tool provides basic debugging functionality. Available optional products, such as the hot-plug-in adaptor, allow you to extend debugging functionality or adjust connections.


For RX or RL78 Family MCU Users E2 emulator or E2 emulator Lite
For RH850 Family MCU Users E2 emulator


  1. No successors to E1 for V850、78K0R、78K0 or R8C* Family MCU Users.
    *E8a emulator supports R8C/3x or R8C/Lx Series MCU.

Release Information

Purpose of use Software to be used Target devices Note1 Latest Version Released Operating Environment
On-chip Debugging CS+
*Evaluation Software Download
RX, RL78, RH850
[More details]
 List of Functions Supported by CS+
V8.04.00 Jul. 20, 2020 Operating Environment
e² studio
RX, RL78, RH850 Note3
[More details]
*See "Release notes".
(64-bit version)
Oct. 06, 2020
(32-bit version)
Apr. 20, 2020
IAR Embedded Workbench Note2 RX, RL78, RH850 Contact IAR Systems.
Green Hills Multi Note2 RH850
Contact Green Hills Software.
iSYSTEM winIDEA Note2 RL78, RH850 Contact iSYSTEM.
Flash Programming Renesas Flash Programmer V3
*Evaluation Software Download
RL78, RX, RH850
[More details]
 List of MCUs supported by Renesas Flash Programmer


V3.08.00 Oct. 06, 2020 Operating Environment


  1. For details when using devices of V850 family, 78K0R, 78K0, or R8C family, see E1/E20 software for V850, 78K0R, 78K0, or R8C MCU >>.
  2. As for tools produced by partners, contact them directly.
  3. Debug support only (For building, use the IAR Embedded Workbench compiler made by IAR systems or the MULTI compiler made by Green Hills Software, LLC.)


Affordable yet powerful debugging device that can meet the actual development needs.
Learn more (On-chip Debuggers Performance Property) >>
Enhanced functions for faster debugging
In addition to basic debugging functions, the E1 supports execution time measurement and hot plug-in functionality (dependent on the MCU) that allows connection to the user system while the program is running.
Also functions as an on-board programmer.
Can be used as an on-board programming tool after the debugging, enabling smooth evaluation of the MCU.
Optimally suited for evaluating analogue functions such as A/D and D/A properties.
Electrical characteristics are the same as those of the actual MCU, since the actual MCU is used for debugging.
Serial, JTAG and LPD connections are supported.
For the communication system, serial, JTAG or LPD connection can be selected as required by the type of the target MCU.
Simple connection
Connection requires only a connector mounted on the user system, thus significantly reducing the possibility of loose connection.
Environmentally friendly material
The casing is made of plant-derived polylactide (PLA).


Note that some functions shown here may not be supported under the IDE you use. Performance property and Connection system also vary depending on the MCU type.

  • Connection system
  • Break function
  • Trace function
  • Memory reference and change while executing the program
  • Performance measurement
  • Hot plug-in
See  On-chip Debuggers Performance Property.
On-board programming Supported
User interface 14-way cable
[7614-6002 (product of 3M Co., Ltd.) and 2514-6002 (product of 3M Limited)]
PC Interface USB 2.0, full speed and high speed
Target board connection Via attached user I/F cable (Connection signals vary by the target MCU type.)
Power supply Up to 200mA (3.3V or 5V)
Power voltage 1.8V to 5.5V (depending on the target MCU)
External dimension
(Except the protruding parts)
109.4 mm×53.2 mm×18.6 mm
Conformance with overseas standards European Standards: EN 55022 Class A, EN 55024
US FCC Standard: FCC part 15 Class A


  • E1 Emulator main unit
  • USB cable
  • User's system I/F cable
  • Software CD-ROM
    • Installation guide
    • Self-Checking Program
    • USB driver
    • E1/E20 Emulator User's Manual

System Configuration

Optional Products

Following optional products are provided to facilitate the use of the E1 emulators. Please make sure to choose the products that match MCUs you use.

RX RL78 RH850 V850 78K R8C
14-Pin to 38-Pin Conversion Adapter for the E1 Emulator
An adapter for converting the 14-pin/2.54-mm pitch connector on the head of the emulator user interface cable to a 38-pin/0.5-mm pitch connector

38-Pin Conversion Adapter for the E1 Emulator
An adapter for changing to a 14-pin user interface for connection to a Mictor connector mounted on a V850-based target system

Small Connector Conversion Adapter for the E1 Emulator
An adapter for converting the 14-pin/2.54-mm pitch connector on the head of the emulator user interface cable to a 14-pin/1.27-mm pitch connector
14-Pin to 16-Pin Conversion Adapter for the E1 Emulator
An adapter for changing the 14-pin/2.54-mm pitch connector on the head of the E1 emulator user interface cable to a MINICUBE2-compliant 16-pin/2.54-mm pitch connector

 Available | — Not Available

RX RL78 RH850 V850 78K R8C
Hot-plug Adapter for the E1 Emulator
An adapter that allows connection of an emulator to a running user system without turning the power off
Note1 Note1 Note1 Note1

 Available | — Not Available


  1. Refer to  On-chip Debuggers Performance Property for the applicable MCU groups.


RX RL78 RH850 V850 78K R8C
Isolator for the E1 Emulator
(For the RX or the R8C family)

Isolator for the E1 Emulator
(For the RL78 or the RH850 family)

 Available | — Not Available

Low voltage OCD Board for RL78/G10 (10-pin/16-pin)
An OCD board for debugging an RL78/G10 MCU (10-pin or 16-pin) with an adapter voltage below 4.5 V

 Available | — Not Available

Debug MCU Board for RH850   Supported devices for Debug MCU Board for RH850 Family
This board enables use of the trace function even if the target MCU does not have a trace function. The Debug MCU Board is for use in combination with a separately available 176-pin (with internal trace function) MCU of the RH850/F1L group.

Note: The package of the Debug MCU Board does not include the MCU. Please purchase it separately. For details, contact either a Renesas Electronics Corporation representative (responsible for sales) or distributor. (Buy or Sample)>>

 Available | — Not Available

System configuration

Target Devices

As the supported devices are different depending on the software you use, refer to the "Target devices" in Release information.

Information on the discontinuation of E1 emulator production and on its successor products

We have already discontinued production of the E1 emulator due to components of the product having reached their EOL (end of life, i.e. end of production). Please click on the following link to confirm the details and our successor products.

>> Tool News: [Notification] Advance Notice of E1 Emulator Product End of Life (EOL)

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