"Applilet EZ PL for RL78" is software that allows users with no programming language knowledge to easily create a microcontroller application program, in a manner similar to that of solving a jigsaw puzzle.


Even users who are unfamiliar with programming languages and have no software development experience can create a microcontroller application program easily using the graphical user interface (GUI) of this software on a computer. It is also suitable for studying and evaluating basic microcontroller operation.


You can easily create a program for an RL78 microcontroller using Applilet EZ PL for RL78.



  • Logic circuits, timers, general-purpose logic, microcontroller functions, and so on are displayed in a GUI panel. You can combine panels in the GUI like a jigsaw puzzle to easily create a program for a RL78 microcontroller.
  • Program operation can be evaluated by waveform simulation.
  • Supports Renesas compilers

- Version 1.x: Supports CA78K0R (same as that which comes with the CS+ integrated development environment) as standard. Supports IAR/GNU compilers.*1

- Version 2.x: Supports CC-RL compiler.*2,*3

  • Programming to a microcontroller using an RFP (Renesas Flash Programmer) is supported. Applilet EZ PL for RL78 can support all phases, from program development to evaluation on the actual device.
  • The generated C source code can be imported into an integrated development environment (CS+, etc.) to edit and recompile. Since software development is carried out while referring to a program, this helps shorten development time.



*1. IAR/GNU compiler requires separate installation.

*2. A CC-RL compiler for V2.x is included in the following software.

• CS+ for CC Ver. 4.01.00 or later

• e2 studio Ver. or later

*3. The 32-bit version of Java (JRE 1.8.0 or later) needs to be installed in order to use V2.x.



Comparison of V1.x and V2.x (Major Items Only)

Item Version 1.x Version 2.x
(supported MCUs)
RL78/G10 with 2 KB or more ROM
10 pins: R5F10Y16, R5F10Y17
16 pins: R5F10Y46, R5F10Y47
RL78/G10 with 2 KB or more ROM
10 pins: R5F10Y16, R5F10Y17
16 pins: R5F10Y46, R5F10Y47
RL78/G11 with 24/25 pins
24 pins: R5F1057
25 pins: R5F1058
(supported compilers)
CA78K0R (CS+), IAR, GNU CC-RL (CS+), CC-RL (e2 studio)
By supporting the CC-RL compiler, hex file generation efficiency is improved, leading to a reduction in program size and better speed.
Standby function
(support for standby function of MCU)
Not supported STOP and HALT are supported
(SNOOZE operates internally also)
The properties of the standby panel can be set easily using a wizard.



Evaluation Boards

  CPU board

Has connector for connecting to E1, and all pins can be monitored Ideal for confirming microcontroller functions

For details, please see the following.


  Pitch conversion board (Hokuto Denshi)

Converts SOP package pins to 2.54 mm pitch; can be used for circuit investigation on a breadboard.

For details, please see Hokuto Denshi's page.

Evaluation Boards

  Example of Connecting Pitch Conversion Board to On-Chip Debugging Emulator

Download Software (Applilet EZ PL for RL78)

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License Agreement

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  • These tools are evaluation versions. No technical support will be provided for these tools. For details on an evaluation board, please contact the company that sells the board directly.


*You must agree to these terms before using any of the tools shown below.


Product name Target Devices User's manual Application Notes Download
Applilet EZ PL for RL78 V1.01E RL78/G10 Included with the product In preparation To Download page
Applilet EZ PL for RL78 V2.20E RL78/G10
Included with the product In preparation To Download page

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