The Intersil USB to PMBus Adapter (often referred to as a “dongle”) is used to connect a demonstration board with a PMBus interface to a PC. The USB to PMBus adapter is powered from the USB output of the host PC. The USB interface utilizes the USB Mini format, and the output uses a standard 2 row, 6 pin header on 0.100 inch centers. The PMBus command set is accessed by using the PowerNavigator™ evaluation software from a PC running Microsoft Windows.

Download PowerNavigator™ software »

Key Features

  • Connect the USB Mini provided between the host computer and the USB to PMBus adapter
  • Connect USB to PMBus adapter to demonstration board to test or evaluate
  • Apply input power (labeled VIN) to the demonstration board
  • Using the host PC’s internet browser, navigate to the PowerNavigator™ software page
  • Follow the download instructions.
  • Once the PowerNavigator™ software is installed, double-click on the PowerNavigator™ icon and follow the software’s instructions.

ZLUSBEVAL3Z USB to PMBus Adapter and Cable

ZLUSBEVAL3Z USB to PMBus Adapter and Cable


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