The Renesas Demonstration Kit (RDK) for RL78 is an evaluation and demonstration tool for Renesas RL78 F13 and RL78 F14 microcontrollers. The goal is to provide the user with a powerful debug and demonstration platform targeted at common automotive and industrial (CAN) applications. This full-featured, affordable kit with an on-board debugger, full I/O and extensive software support enables users to jump-start their hardware development. This RDK also supports a motor control extension board, allowing users to quickly develop advanced motor control applications. The board also provides a useful platform for evaluating the Renesas suite of development tools for coding and debugging, using the IAR Embedded Workbench or CubeSuite+ IDE as well as programming the device using the on-board TK debugger.

The RDK also provides an opportunity to evaluate QuantiPhi Renesas Edition, a powerful new configuration and driver generation tool developed by SimuQuest. QuantiPhi automates the low-level driver code generation so that users can focus on their applica¬tions, and therefore, get products to market faster. Low-level drivers generated by QuantiPhi are MISRA C compliant, fully tested, and well documented. A state-of-the-art device configuration interface is provided so that the pin assignment and peripheral configuration of a device can be done without reading the device's user manual. Live error checking in the configuration interface prevents configuration errors such as pin/ function assignment overlap instantly.

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Target Applications and Features

Outputs LCD display Two discrete user LEDs One RGB LED
Motor Control Motor control header with TVS diodes, for use with an external driver board.
User Interface 4 User pushbuttons and 4 user DIP switches
Communications USB Interface connected to an external USB controller(for debug and UART communication) LIN Interface CAN Interface SPI I2C PMOD connections to support a variety of generic PMOD devices (WiFi, Bluetooth, RF, and much more).
User Code and Application Debugging On-board debugging via a USB connection (TK) for high-quality source code debugging

Package Content

  • 32 MHz RL78/F14 MCU board with integrated debugger and huge peripheral set including CAN,LIN and SPI
  • Mini USB Cable
  • Quick-start guide


Tools Orderable Part Number(s) Distributor Name Distributor Region Description Suggested Price/pcs
YRDKRL78F14 FUTURE ELECTRONICS US Low-cost RL78RDK demonstration kit $199.00


Board Design

Product Category Product Name Issue Date Description Remark
Renesas Demonstration Kit Design data RDKRL78 Design Data Aug.29.14 Schematic BOM PCB Layout PCB Gerber  


Description Remark


Quantiphi for RL78


SimuQuest QuantiPhi for automatic low-level driver code generation


Renesas Flash Programmer

[Evaluation Software] Renesas Flash Programmer V2.04.01




IAR Workbench

IAR Embedded Workbench (EW)


IAR Systems for powerful development tools including IDE and C and C++ compiler for RL78



C compiler and IDE for RL78 devices


Renesas Compiler package, including integrated development environment, a simulator, etc.. Click HERE for more information.


What is PMOD™?

PMODs™ are small I/O interface boards that offer an ideal way to extend the capabilities of our MCU evaluation and demo boards. It can be found on RDKs and RSKs. PMODs communicate with system boards using 6, 8 or 12-pin connectors. Pmods include sensors, I/O, data acquisition & conversion, connectors, external memory, and more.

  • Convenient low pin-count daughter card format
  • Peripheral Module: PMOD
  • Trademarked by Digilent Inc. (
  • Low cost (connector/cards)
  • Open and royalty free
  • Typically 12-pin connector
    • 6-pin format also available
  • 2 slots in each RDK
    • UART/SPI/I2 C
  • Provide power to cards
pmod image

PMODs are available from

Partner Vendors

The Renesas Demonstration Kit (RDK) for RL78 was made possible by a joint effort by Renesas and the following partners (in alphabetical order):

IAR Systems is the world's leading independent supplier of embedded development tools. Since 1983, the company has been dedicated to continuously provide software updates, and to continue to support the market's widest range of processors. IAR Systems has a global technical support organization, extensive development resources, and expertise for Renesas RX, V850, SH2A, R8C, M16C, M32C, R32C, H8, H8S, 78K, and RL78.


SimuQuest is a model-based systems engineering company offering products and services that provide groundbreaking solutions to problems inherent in the development of embedded control systems and software. Their team can help you optimize your model-based systems engineering process.

SimuQuest has developed QuantiPhi for RL78 to guide you through micro configuration, enabling automatic generation of a complete set of drivers to meet your specific IO requirements.

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Future Designs, Inc. is a design and technical services organization founded in 1989 specializing in Embedded Design and Development. Their team of engineers and technical personnel can assist you in your Electrical, Mechanical, Software, Manufacturing and Systems engineering requirements. Future Designs, Inc. provided the hardware customization, schematic capture, PCB design and layout, manufacturing, and Supply Chain Management services for the RL78 RDK.

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Future Electronics

Future Electronics is proud to offer you the most comprehensive range of products including the latest releases from the world's best manufacturers of electronic devices. The RL78 RDK Renesas Demonstration Kit (RDK), offers a quick and easy way to demonstrate, evaluate, and develop em¬bedded applications based on the RL78/F14 Microcontroller.

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NDK has grown to become the leading company among quartz crystal device manufacturers with its lineup of high-precision, high-reliability, compact crystal devices that anticipate the next generation of customer needs. Under the banner of "quality, cost, and speed," NDK aims to establish itself as the industry's technology leader and the most trusted customer brand.

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Okaya Electric America is a global provider of a wide range of LCD modules and display technologies including: Character, Graphic, Color TFT, and OLED display panels. Most of Okaya's standard TFT, Graphic, and OLED display modules are available with highly accurate Touch Panel technology. If available standard products do not meet your needs, Okaya also offers extensive options for creating Custom LCD products. These customizations include Sunlight Readability modifications for outdoor applications.

Okaya provided the 96 x 64 backlit graphics LCD.

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When you would like to get programming examples, please access to RL78/F1x application notes and sample codes.

RL78/F13 Notes and Sample Codes

RL78/F14 Notes and Sample Codes