High Resolution Embedded GUI Solution Kit for RZ/A1H

The High Resolution Embedded GUI Solution kit (YLCDRZA1H) provides a quick and easy way to add a low-cost LCD touchscreen and communication functions to embedded designs. With the tremendous growth of LCD touchscreens in smart phones and tablets, it is only natural for other markets like industrial, medical and appliances to migrate towards similar interfaces. Multiple GUI software development options are available to jumpstart your development effort.

Product Info

Demo Kit
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Package Content (Part Number YLCDRZA1H)

  • RZ credit-card sized plug-in module
  • 4GB eMM
  • SD Card Interface
  • Ethernet, RS-232/485, CAN, I2C RTC (battery back-up) Stereo audio w/dual 3W speakers and audio line in/out
  • 7.0" 1280x800 LCD touch screen
  • PMOD connector for expansion
  • Built-in Segger J-LINK Lite debugger
  • 9-12V DC barrel jack w/external AC wall power adapter Independent USB host & device ports
  • Video capture (digital)
  • Digital camera ( VGA color 640x480 array)

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GUIX is Express Logic's high-performance graphical user interface framework. GUIX includes full-featured runtime UI library and a matching desktop designed application named GUIX Studio. GUIX is fully integrated with ThreadX and is available for many processors supported by ThreadX. Like ThreadX, GUIX is designed to have a small footrprint and high-performance, making it ideal for today's deeply embedded applications. Designed to meet the growing need for dynamic user interfaces with limited hardware resources, GUIX uses the same design and coding methods as ThreadX. And like all Express Logic products, GUIX is distributed with full ANSIC source code, and has no run time.


Express Logic

Express Logic's mission is to provide the absolute best quality software solutions for deeply embedded applications. In addition to providing the very best software products, we philosophically believe in licensing our products in a non-royalty fashion along with providing complete source code. This combination of having superior products and a practical business model is paying huge dividends. The name recognition and popularity of ThreadX is growing tremendously from year to year.

Serious Integrated

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