MicroEJ® dedicated to the Renesas RX MCUs is a scalable solution to rapidly prototype, develop and test embedded applications such as rich graphical user interfaces (GUI’s). It is the ideal solution to complement the comprehensive firmware offering called PowerOfTwo, promoted by Renesas and based on Micrium solutions.

The RX family of products provides the next-generation world standard of mid-range MCUs: high performance, low power consumption, and code efficiency. With Renesas RX MCUs and their dedicated MicroEJ SDK, take advantage of object-oriented programming and virtualization to rapidly develop smart grid, smart appliances or other Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Easy-to-use Graphical User Interface

MicroEJ® includes an easy-to-use GUI for RX MCUs to design rich Human-Machine Interfaces. By providing fast and compact GUI software libraries, it complements Renesas’ RX MCUs with the Direct Drive solution for native graphic LCD support, thus optimizing the total Bill of Material of graphical embedded devices.

Prototyping, simulation, and tests of embedded applications.

The instant simulation and prototyping platform enables to rapidly test an application’s behavior through a WYSIWYG environment. This gives a real time and accurate display of what the final product will look like. Thus it speeds up the specifications cycle by reducing the time usually associated to prototyping and retesting as design specifications change.

MicroEJ for RX includes:

  • MicroEJ Workbench for Eclipse™
  • Several Java Platforms (JPFs) for RX MCU: Quick Start JPFs and Production JPFs
  • JPFs can be extended with C code to support specific hardware configurations
  • Embedded (EmbJPF) and Simulation (SimJPF) run-times
  • MicroUI (Micro User Interface) and MWT (Micro Widget Toolkit) graphical libraries
  • Specific GUI development tools: Font Designer tool to design fonts, Story Board Designer for instant PC-simulation and rapid HMI development, Front Panel Designer to extend the Java platform simulator
  • Small Java virtual machine: Less than 30 KBytes Flash and less than 1.5 KB RAM, less than 2 ms startup time at 120 MHz
  • 1-year subscription with hardware dongle
  • Helpdesk
Micro IST2

Key Features

  • MCU: Renesas RX family of products (RX63N as an example)
  • RTOS: Micrium µC/OS-III
  • Performance: 2MB flash and 128KB SRAM
  • Instant simulation: PC based simulation, debugging and test coverage analysis, WYSIWYG
  • Easy interface with C, C++, ASM code
  • User-friendly Integrated Development Environment: clean architecture, object browser, visual debugger, Drag-and-Drop™, undo/redo, copy/paste, etc.
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Object Oriented Programming : MicroEJ is based on the Java technology and supports abstraction, encapsulation, messages, functions, inheritance, polymorphism, object creation and automatic cleaning with garbage collector, error handling, multi-tasking, etc.
  • Graphic display:
    • Screen resolution: MicroEJ Embedded UI supports the full range of available displays
    • Depth: from 1-bit to 32-bito    Type: graphic or alpha-numeric
    • Pixel aspect ratio: approximately 1:1
    • Alpha numeric: at least one line with one character
    • Themes: Dynamic Look & Feel changes
    • Images: Any format at application deployment stage, PNG at runtime, dynamic deformation
    • Fonts: Bitmap, png, jpg, gif, TTF, Four-level (2-bits) anti-aliasing
    • Input/Output management
    • Buttons, rotary switches, keyboards, single touch, multi touch screens (resistive, capacitive), calibration, debouncing, mouse-like-pointers, etc.
    • Any sound mechanisms supported: buzzer, PWM, etc.
    • Any kind of LEDs supported
  • Localization: Unicode-UTF8 and management of all languages with special characters. External localization files also usable.

Evaluation, pricing, and availability

Graphics demos featuring the MicroEJ® GUI solution are available on the Embedded GUI Solution Kit (YLCDRX63N board) with graphic LCD. They can be downloaded from the YLCDRX63N web page here.