Starter-Kit for 32185, 32186, 32192, 32195, and 32196 Group

Starter-Kit for 32185, 32186, 32192, 32195, and 32196 Group. Perfect for evaluation and user training.


Evaluation Board

- Includes M32192F8VFP/ M32186F8VFP M32192F8VFP: On-chip 1MB Flash Memory, 176KB RAM
M32186F8VFP: On-chip 1MB Flash Memory, 64KB RAM
- Operating Frequency M32192F8VFP: 160MHz (f(XIN)=20MHz, Multiple-by-8) (Note 1)
M32186F8VFP: 80MHz (f(XIN)=10MHz, Multiple-by-8) (Note 1)
- MCU Operation Mode : Single-chip/External Extension/Processor Mode
- LED : 8 (1 port)
- Switch : Port Operation x 8 (1 port)
- Key : Volume key x 2 (A/D converter x 2 channels)
Reset Key
- Connector : JTAG Connector (10-pin)
NBD Connector (14-pin)
RS-232C Connector for Serial I/O
CAN Connector
External Extension Connector
Power Supply Connector
- Power Supply Voltage

: 4.75V to 5.25V (0.5A or more)


Note 1.

This product is supplied with 2 types of microcomputers, the M32192F8VFP and M32186F8VFP. As the M32192F8VFP is mounted in IC socket with shipment, you can use it to evaluate the 32192 Group, 32195 Group, and 32196 Group microcomputers.
To evaluate the 32185 Group and 32186 Group microcomputers, replace the M32192F8VFP with M32186F8VFP.
Please note that when evaluating 32195 Group, 32196 Group, and 32185 Group microcomputers, their memory capacities are different from the original ones (M32192F8VFP and M32186F8VFP).


* : Power supply unit is NOT included in this product.


M32192F8VFP (mounted): 160MHz (f(XIN)=20MHz, Multiple-by-8), M32186F8VFP (Included): 80MHz (f(XIN)=10MHz, Multiple-by-8), 4.75V to 5.25V (0.5A or more)

Height : Approx. 2.2cm
Width : Approx. 10cm
Depth : Approx.17cm

PC System Requirements

  • IBM PC/AT or compatible PC
  • Pentium III 500MHz or higher recommended
  • Memory 192MB or higher recommended
  • Microsoft Windows 98/Windows Me/Windows 2000/Windows XP
  • 1 USB port


Software (CD-ROM)

M32R Family Cross Tool Kit: M3T-CC32R
M3T-CC32R (M32R Family Cross Tool Kit) included with the Starter Kit is an trial version whose useful period is limited.
This version becomes unusable four months after it is installed. Past this period, it cannot be used even by reinstalling. If you wish to continue using M3T-CC32R, please purchase a production version of M3T-CC32R separately from Renesas Electronics Corporation or an authorized Renesas Electronics Corporation product distributor.


Emulator Debugger: M3T-PD32RM
This product is an emulator debugger (software) included with a Renesas' full-featured emulator package.
Easy-to-use GUI (Graphical User Interface) and many advanced debugging features improve the debugging efficiency of applications on your target system.
M3T-PD32RM Example:
Click on diagram for larger view

Below you will find information to support the development of your application.


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