ISLA214P50-55210EV1Z Daughter Board

Ultra High Performance Broadband 12 to 16-Bit Data Acquisition Platform


This ISLA214P50-55210EV1Z is an evaluation platform featuring Intersil's ultra-high dynamic range fully differential amplifier (FDA), the ISL55210, and the high speed, high performance, 14-bit, 500MSPS ADC, the ISLA214P50. In the delivered configuration, it offers a full signal path reference design providing a 100MHz flat channel bandwidth that achieves typically <-85dBc distortion terms with -2dBFS at the ADC inputs from a -7dBm single-ended input. The channel characteristics (pass band location, stop-band attenuation, gain, etc.), can be easily altered to suit your needs by modifying the 3rd order RLC filter between the amplifier and analog-to-digital converter. To facilitate immediate performance measurement and analysis, this PCB daughterboard mates to Intersil's existing high speed ADC evaluation platform.

Key Features

  • Sample Rate:  80 to 500 MSPS
  • Input Signal Passband: 100 kHz to 100 MHz (+/- 0.8dB flat)
  • Full-Scale Input:  -5.0dBm (355mVpp)
  • SNR: 71.8 dBFS (Fin = 30MHz, Fs = 500MSPS, ADC only = 72.6 dBFS)
  • SFDR: 85dBc (Fin = 30MHz, Fs = 500MSPS, ADC only = 84dBc)
  • Power Consumption: 1.0W (FDA + ADC)
  • IM3:  < -90dBc @ 70MHz  (1MHz spacing)


  • High-performance Data Acquisition
  • Communication Test Equipment
  • Broadband Communications
  • Software Defined Radios
  • Radar Array Processing
  • Digital Pre-distortion

Related Information

Measured 500MSPS, 70MHz Two-tone Performance: IM3 less than −93dBc

ISLA214P50-55210EV1Z Daughter Board

ISLA214P50-55210EV1Z Daughter Board

KMB001 Motherboard & ISLA214P50-55210EV1Z Daughter Board

KMB001 Motherboard & ISLA214P50-55210EV1Z Daughter Board


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