Wide VIN 150mA/300mA Synchronous Buck Regulators Evaluation Boards


The ISL85413EVAL1Z, ISL85412EVAL1Z kits are intended for use in point-of-load applications sourcing from 3.5V to 40V. The kits are used to demonstrate the performance of the ISL85413, ISL85412 Wide VIN Low Quiescent Current High Efficiency Synchronous Buck Regulator with 300mA or 150mA output current. The ISL85413, ISL85412 are offered in a 3mmx3mm 8 Ld DFN package with 1mm maximum height.

ISL85413DEMO1Z, ISL85412DEMO1Z demonstration boards are also available.

Key Features

  • Small, compact design
  • Switch selectable EN (enable/disabled)
  • Switch selectable MODE (auto PFM/forced PWM)
  • Connectors, test points and jumpers for easy probing


  • Industrial control
  • Medical devices
  • Portable instrumentation
  • Distributed power supplies
  • Cloud infrastructure

ISL85413EVAL1Z Buck Regulator Eval Board

ISL85413EVAL1Z Buck Regulator Eval Board


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ISL8541x Product Family

Device Topology VIN Range (V) VOUT Range (V) IOUT (max) (A)
ISL85412 Buck 3.5 to 40 0.6 to 34 0.15
ISL85413 Buck 3.5 to 40 0.6 to 34 0.3
ISL85415 Buck 3.0 to 36 0.6 to 34 0.5
ISL85418 Buck >3.0 to 40 0.6 to 34 0.8
ISL85410 Buck 3.0 to 40 0.6 to 34 1
ISL85403 Buck or Boost 3.0 to 40 0.8 to 33 2.5



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