PWM Controller Evaluation Board for General Purpose Industrial Applications


The ISL684x family of devices are superior performing pin compatible replacements for the industry standard 384x single-ended current mode PWM controllers. Also available in 8 Ld MSOP and 8 Ld SOIC, the ISL6841 in the space saving 2mmx3mm DFN package is used in the ISL6841EVAL3Z evaluation board. The design requirements of this application require the superior performance characteristics of the ISL6841.

This evaluation board was designed to allow for maximum flexibility, targeting applications that use a typical battery input of 24V.

Key Features

The following design requirements were targeted for evaluation purposes:

  • Switching Frequency, Fsw: 200kHz
  • VIN: 18VDC to 30VDC
  • VOUT: 12V with 5% absolute regulation
  • IOUT: 2.5A
  • POUT: 30W
  • Full Load Efficiency: 80% minimum under all line conditions, and loads of 20% and above
  • Ripple: 1% of output voltage
  • Form Factor: 2”x2”


  • Telecom and Datacom Power
  • Wireless Base Station Power
  • File Server Power
  • Industrial Power Systems
  • PC Power Supplies
  • Isolated Buck and Flyback Regulators
  • Boost Regulators

ISL6841EVAL3Z PWM Controller Eval Board

ISL6841EVAL3Z PWM Controller Eval Board

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