CD/MP3 Quality Stereo 2:1 Multiplexer with Click and Pop Elimination Evaluation Board


The ISL54405EVAL3Z evaluation board is designed to provide a quick and easy method for evaluating the ISL54405 stereo 2:1 multiplexer IC. The ISL54405 uTQFN IC is soldered onto the evaluation board and is designated as U1 in the center of the board.

The ISL54405 IC is a single supply, bidirectional, dual single-pole/double-throw (SPDT) analog switch designed to function as a differential 2:1 multiplexer. It was designed for consumer and professional audio switching applications such as computer sound cards and home theater products. It can be used to route a single stereo source to different line outs/loads or to multiplex two stereo sources to a single load.


  • RCA audio female jacks and BNC connectors
  • Selectable 32Ω and 20kΩ resistor loads on the signal lines
  • Convenient test points and connections for test equipment
  • Toggle switches for easy control of MUTE and SEL logic pins
  • Banana jacks for power, ground and logic control


  • Computer sound cards
  • Home theater audio products
  • SACD/DVD audio
  • DVD player audio output switching
  • Headsets for MP3/cellphone switching
  • Hi-Fi audio switching applications

ISL54405EVAL3Z 2:1 Multiplexer Eval Board

ISL54405EVAL3Z 2:1 Multiplexer Evaluation Board





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