Four-Channel Programmable Digital Downconverter Evaluation Board


The ISL5216EVAL1 evaluation board is used to evaluate the ISL5216 four-channel programmable digital downconverter.

The ISL5216 quad programmable digital downconverter (QPDC) is designed for high dynamic range applications such as cellular basestations where multiple channel processing is required in a small physical space. The QPDC combines into a single package a set of four channels which include: digital mixers, a quadrature carrier NCO, digital filters, a resampling filter, a Cartesian-to-polar coordinate converter and an AGC loop.


  • Up to 95MSPS input
  • Four independently programmable downconverter channels in a single package
  • Four parallel 17-bit inputs providing 16-bit fixed or one of several 17-bit floating point formats
  • 32-bit programmable carrier NCO with >115dB SFDR
  • 110dB FIR out of band attenuation
  • Decimation from 4 to >65536
  • 24-bit internal data path
  • Digital AGC with up to 96dB of gain range
  • Filter functions
    • 1- to 5-stage CIC filter
    • Half-band decimation and interpolation FIR filtering
    • Programmable FIR filtering
    • Resampling FIR filtering
  • Cascadable filtering for additional bandwidth
  • Four independent serial outputs
  • 2.5V core, 3.3V I/O operation
  • Pb-free plus anneal available (RoHS compliant)


  • Narrow-band TDMA through IS-95 CDMA digital software radio and basestation receivers
  • Wide-band applications: W-CDMA and UMTS digital software radio and basestation receivers





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