Evaluation Board for Multiphase Power Conversion for AMD Athlon Processors up to 35A


The HIP6302EVAL1 evaluation board incorporates a reference design intended to meet the core-voltage requirements for AMD Athlon™ microprocessors up to 35A. Additional circuitry is provided to facilitate circuit evaluation including input and output power connectors, VID jumpers, numerous probe points, an LED power-good indicator, and a load-transient generator.

The HIP6302 multiphase PWM control IC together with its companion gate drivers, the HIP6601, HIP6602 or HIP6603 and Intersil MOSFETs provides a precision voltage regulation system for advanced microprocessors.

Key Features

  • Static Regulation 1.65V 1.75V 
  • Transient Regulation 1.60V 1.85V 
  • Over-Voltage Protection 1.90V 2.00V 
  • Continuous Load Current - 35A 
  • Over-Current Trip Level 41A 57A 
  • Load-Current Transient - 35A/µs


  • VR9 Applications
  • AMD Athlon™ Microprocessors

HIP6302EVAL1 Multiphase Power Conversion Eval Board

HIP6302EVAL1 Multiphase Power Conversion Eval Board

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