The ZMID5203MARC is an inductive arc position sensor module including sensor PCB, target and target holder.

NOTE: This module is pre-programmed and characterized. For changing programming options, such as motion range or diagnostic settings, the ZMID communication board (ZMID-COMBOARD) is required.


  • Contactless
  • High-resolution arc position measurement
  • Digital SENT output
  • Strayfield-immune


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star ZMID520x Evaluation Kit User Manual for Application Modules
手册 - 开发工具
PDF 3.27 MB
ZMID-COMBOARD Guide - Serial Communication and Commands
手册 - 开发工具
PDF 459 KB
ZMID520xMARC Application Module User Manual
手册 - 开发工具
PDF 938 KB
ZMID520x User Guide - Inductive Coil Design Tool
手册 - 软件
PDF 1.01 MB


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ZMID520X Eval Kit Software Version 1.3
软件和工具 - 评估软件
ZIP 1.46 MB
Inductive Coil Design Tool Software (ICDT)
软件和工具 - 软件
ZIP 1.98 MB