PMIC Solutions for Intel® Atom™ Processor Z6xx Series Families

Renesas has partnered with Intel to develop leading PMIC solutions for Intel's Atom Processor Z6xx platforms (formerly code named "Moorestown" and "Oak Trail"). With an optimized BOM (Bill of Materials), Renesas PMICs support a variety of mobile handheld, tablet, sleek netbook, and embedded form factors with proven OS support for Android™, Windows® and MeeGo™.

Renesas PMICs are optimized for high power efficiency at both light and heavy loads. They support Intel's fine grain OS power management (OSPM), including ultra-low-power states (S0i1 and S0i3) and Intel Burst Performance Technology and programmable synchronous buck regulators with IMVP compatibility. Renesas PMICs help enable >50x reduction in idle power, >20x reduction in audio power, and 2-3x reduction in power consumption across browsing and video scenarios when compared to Intel's previous-generation product.

Renesas offers complete design documentation, including reference PMIC BOM, schematics and layouts. Leveraging our technical expertise in power management and deep system-level knowledge of mobile devices, we also offer valuable application support. With fabrication and assembly facilities located worldwide, we can support high-volume manufacturing to meet customer demand. Customers can also accelerate their development cycles by utilizing Intel reference designs for handhelds, netbooks, tablets, home energy devices, and media phones.

Renesas PMIC part numbers are uPD9975, uPD9976, uPD9977.

Capability Customer Benefit
Leading-edge integration of power management, logic, audio and communications functions Enables small form factor designs and reduced motherboard space
Flatter efficiency over a wide load range Better battery conversion efficiency over wider range; battery life optimization
Spread spectrum technology and noise isolation techniques Lower noise & EMI emissions for improved ease of noise decoupling and better sound quality
Fast turnaround time for a turnkey solution with custom options Provides optimized solution and go-to-market advantages
Technical expertise and local application support Supplements existing design resources and accelerates design completion with minimal risk

Over the past 20 years, Renesas Electronics has demonstrated strong expertise in rapidly developing custom, integrated PMICs. For example, we developed a 150-nanometer (nm) PMIC design for a major consumer electronics customer from fixed specification to design sample in less than five months. Currently in high-volume production, the highly integrated design includes the following, among other functions:

  • Twenty-nine (29) low dropout regulators (LDOs)
  • Two DC/DC converters
  • Audio playback and recording functions
  • Audio volume control and mixing
  • Charger control
  • Headphone/line/receiver drivers
  • Light-emitting diode (LED) drivers

All of this while optimizing thermal dissipation and off-chip bill of materials (BOM), as well as minimizing EMI and total cost.

With our rich expertise and depth of experience in power management design, we have the resources to achieve industry-leading PMIC design results, on schedule and with minimal risk, giving you the edge you need to stay ahead of the competition.

PMIC Solution Optimized for Intel's® Atom Z6xx-Based Platform (Oak Trail) for Tablet and Sleek Netbook PCs
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PMIC Solution Optimized for Intel® Atom Processor Z6xx Series Family (Moorestown)
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