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Renesas' digital and analog controllers, power modules and switching regulators provide a comprehensive set of solutions. By building on to technology developed for computing applications, Renesas provides superior power management systems to a much broader set of applications.

Renesas is one of the few companies with not only low power, low voltage, high-efficiency solutions, but also higher cell count voltage, higher-power, high-efficiency solutions and advanced packaging techniques.

Renesas Power Management Expertise

Renesas is the leader in power management expertise. Built upon an unrivaled heritage in advanced analog IC and multiphase power management solutions, Renesas delivers the industry's highest performance, most efficient, easiest to use and integrate, and consistently reliable power management systems. Our solutions meet the demands of today's most complex power system designs across the infrastructure, mobile, industrial, automotive and aerospace markets.

Renesas is leveraging a deep portfolio of intellectual property and a history of design and process innovation to add intelligence, mobility and true energy efficiency to the latest electronic devices. The company has developed market leadership technology in power management and supplies a full range of power IC solutions including battery management, computing power, USB power delivery, highly integrated Intelligent Power Devices (IPDs) and DC/DC converters.

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Cost vs. Complexity Tradeoffs of Power Management Parts

Cost Complexity Topology Legend Description
$ 🔧 Linear Regulator Single and Multi output linear regulators/LDOs
$$ 🔧🔧 Buck (Integrated FET) Single and Multi output buck regulators with Controller, Driver and Power FETs in one package
$$ 🔧🔧 Buck-Boost (Integrated FET) Single and Multi output buck-boost regulators with Controller, Driver and Power FETs in one package
$$ 🔧🔧 Boost (Integrated FET) Single and Multi output boost regulators with Controller, Driver and Power FETs in one package
$$$$$ 🔧 Buck (Power Module) Fully integrated buck Module with Controller, Driver, Power FETs and Inductor in one package
$$ 🔧🔧🔧🔧 Buck (Controller) Single and multiple output buck controllers with and without drivers on board
$$$ 🔧🔧🔧🔧🔧 Buck (Multiphase Controller) Multiple phase buck controllers with and without drivers on board
$$$$ 🔧🔧🔧🔧 Buck | Boost (PMIC) Multi output buck and boost controllers, regulators, LDOs and other features for specific power applications

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Award Information

ISL81601/401 Wins Best in Show

The ISL81601/401 bidirectional buck-boost controller family was recognized as "Best in Show" in the Power ICs and Components category at embedded world 2019.