Enhanced CAN / LIN / IEBus and memory lineup from RL78/F14


RL78/F15 automotive microcontrollers employ the RL78 core, which realizes high processing performance while delivering the lowest power consumption in its class. 

A high-speed on-chip oscillator provides 32 MHz CPU operation. An enhanced motor control functionality is offered by the motor control timer (Timer RD), the D/A converter and a built-in comparator. For easy migration RL78/F15 is pin- and software upwards compatible to RL78/F14. 

The RL78/F15 Group even supports 125 ℃ (target) operation, whereby a CPU clock of 24 MHz can be reached. In addition abundant functions to support functional safety, like ECC on RAM and a stack pointer monitor as well as a A/D converter testing function are available. 

With packages from 48 to 144-pin, a memory range from 128 to 512 KB flash, and advanced IPs for LIN and 2 channels of CAN communication and IEBus, these products are very well suited for a broad range of cost sensitive automotive applications like DC- & BLDC motor control, HVAC, lighting and many kinds of body ECUs.


Key Features:

Part Name R5F113G R5F113L R5F113M R5F113P R5F113T
Pin Count 48 pin 64 pin 80 pin 100 pin 144 pin
Program Flash 384, 512 KB 128 to 512 KB
Data Flash 16 KB 8/16 KB
SRAM 26 to 32 KB 10 to 32 KB
Power Supply Voltage 2.7 to 5.5 V
Max. Frequency 32 MHz (L grade) / 24 MHz (K grade)
System Clock Main Oscillator Crystal/ Ceramic/ Square wave 1 – 20 MHz (2.7 – 5.5 V operation)
High Speed On-chip Oscillator High precision 32 MHz (Typ.)
Low Speed On-chip Oscillator Low speed operation 15 kHz (Typ.)
Sub Oscillator 32.768 kHz
PLL ×3/×4/×6/×8
Peripheral Clock Low Speed On-chip Oscillator Except WDT 15 kHz (Typ.)
WDT 15 kHz (Typ.)
POR 1.56 V (Rising Power supply voltage) Typ. / 1.55 V (Falling power supply voltage) Typ.
LVD 2.81 to 4.74 V (6 stage : Rising Power supply voltage)
2.75 to 4.64 V (6 stage : Falling Power supply voltage)
Safety Function Flash memory CRC, Frequency detection, Clock monitor, A/D diagnostic etc.
I/O Port I/O CMOS 38 52 68 86 130
Output CMOS 1
Input Oscillation Pin Only 4
Input Only 1
Interrupt External 15 18 19 20 22
Key Return 8
DTC 46 sources 50 sources 52 sources
Timers Timer Array Unit (TAU) 16-bit 8 channels x 2 units 16-bit 8 channels x 3 units
RTC 1 channel
Timer RJ 16-bit x 1 channel
Timer RD 16-bit x 2 channels
Communication Interface CSI/SimpleI²C/UART 4 channels / 4 channels / 2 channels SPI function supported 6 channels / 4 channels / 3 channels SPI function supported
Multi-Master I²C 1 channel
IEBus Controller 1 channel
LIN/UART (RLIN3) 2 channels 3 channels
CAN Interface (RS-CAN lite) 2 channels
Analog 10-bit A/D Converter 22 channels 27 channels 33 channels
8-bit D/A Converter 1 channel
Comparator 1 channel
ELC Link source : 26 channels , Link destination : 9 channels
PCLBUZ 1 channels
On-chip Debug Supported

Pin Count / Memory Size Lineup:

Program Flash



Block Diagram:

CAN - Configuration, reception and transmission
CAN - General
Clock - Clock Generator Options
CRC - Hardware Functions
CSI - Clock Synchronous Single Master Control Software Using CSI Mode of Serial Array Unit
Current - Minimizing Power Consumption when Sensing Switch Inputs
Current - Standby Function
Current - Tuning Solution via E2 Emulator and CS+
Current - Tuning Solution via E2 Emulator and e2 studio
DAC - Resolution increase for dithering
DTC - High-Speed Transfer
DTC - High-Speed Transfer and Chain Transfer
DTC - Normal Transfer
EEPROM - Series Serial EEPROM Control Software
Flash - Flash Programmer Edition
Flash - Flash Protection and Security Setting Guide
Flash - Micron Technology M25P Series Serial Flash memory Control Software
Flash - Micron Technology N25Q Serial NOR Flash Memory Control Software
Flash - Renesas Flash Programmer Usage from the Command Line
Flash - Serial Flash memory Control Software
Flash - Spansion S25FLxxxS MirrorBit® Flash Non-Volatile Memory Control Software
IEBB - IEBus Setup Procedures for IEBB Master Transmission/ Slave Reception
IEBB - IEBus Setup Procedures for IEBB Master Transmission/ Slave Reception - Employing DTC
IICA - Setup Procedures for IICA Multi-Master Communication
LIN - LIN Master Mode (RLIN3)
LIN - LIN Slave Mode (RLIN3)
LIN - LIN/UART Controller
MC - BLDC - 120 degrees conducting control of brushless DC motor with hall sensor
MC - BLDC (ADC) - Sensorless 120 degrees conducting control of brushless DC motor (A/D)
MC - BLDC (COMP) - Sensorless 120 degrees conducting control of brushless DC motor (COMP)
MC - BLDC Motor Control
MC - Sensorless vector control of permanent magnetic synchronous motor
Option Byte - Settings
PCB - PCB-Design for Improved EMC
Pin - Pin assignment of RL78/F15 by model
PORT - Settings of port-related registers when using alternate functions
Porting Guide - 78K0 to RL78
Porting Guide - 78K0R/FC3 to RL78
Porting Guide - M16C/5L, 56 to RL78
Porting Guide - M16C/5M, 57 to RL78
Porting Guide - R8C to RL78
Porting Guide - R8C/3x to RL78
PWM - Filtered output to create DAC DC output
RAM - Execution in RAM
RTC - Real-Time-Clock Watch Error Correction function
Safety - Safety Function
SFR - Special Function Registers by Model
Speech - Sound Playback/Compression System (Original ADPCM Codec)
SW - C Compiler CC-RL Programming Techniques
SW - CubeSuite+ Startup Guide
SW - DSP Library - Filter
SW - FFT Library
SW - IAR Embedded Workbench for RL78 Programming Techniques
SW - IEC60730/60335 oriented Self Test additional Library
SW - Micron Technology P5Q Serial Phase Change Memory Control Software
SW - Open Source FAT File System M3S-TFAT-Tiny: Introduction Guide
SW - Random Number Generator
SW - Self Test Library of CARL78 for RL78 MCU
SW - Self Test Library of CCRL78 for RL78 MCU
SW - Software Migration Guide from Assembler to CC-RL
SW - Software Migration Guide from CA78K0R to CC-RL
SW - VDE Certified IEC60730/60335 Self Test Library
Temperature - Internal Temperature Sensor Calibration






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Hardware Tools


E2 emulator

On-chip debugging emulator for RH850 family and RL78 family. Also available as a flash memory programmer.

 User Manual



Renesas Flash Programmer (Programming GUI)

The Renesas Flash Programmer provides usable and functional support for programming the on-chip flash memory of Renesas microcontrollers in each phase of development and mass production.


  • A simple GUI makes operations easy, even for first-time developers
  • PC-controlled programming via the E1 emulator or E2 emulator, a serial or USB connection

 User Manual


Software Tools

Flash Self Programming Library (SelfLib_RL78) (Type T01, European Release)

 User Manual


Data Flash Access Library (Type T01, European Release)

 User Manual


EEPROM Emulation Library (EEPROM_EMULATION_RL78) (Type T01, European Release)

 User Manual



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