The oscillator circuit parameters provided below are the result of tests carried out by the oscillator manufacturer under fixed operating conditions. (please refer to the table as below for the measurement data). Peripheral environment effects on the customer's system such as noise, high frequency, wiring pattern, power source characteristics, etc., were not taken into account at the time of testing. Values may therefore differ for actual systems.
In addition, RENESAS does not guarantee these parameters. Please use these values only for your reference. Customers should contact the oscillator manufacturer for the optimal oscillation circuit parameters applicable to their system.



IC Name Application Freq.
Type Model Recommended circuit constants Recommended supply voltage
Evaluation Data No. Download
C1(pF) C2(pF) Rf(Ohms) Rd(Ohms) Rx(Ohms)
HD64F2612 Automotive 20000 SMD
(J Lead Type)
CX-17F 3 3 No connect 220 0 4.5 to 5.5 C0502-03099-001