Yumiko Kodama

Environmental Sculptor, Lighting Designer/LED Artist
Creator of lighting for the Nagano Olympics’ award ceremonies
Creator of Hokusai’s Red
Mt. Fuji for the Chunichi Shimbun Pavilion at Expo 2005 Aichi.

Also created the Visible Light Communication Monument for the Beijing Olympics, and is currently researching “Olympic IT Strategies” at the National Institute of Informatics.

We bought LED lights online which reflect on the ceiling like a constellation. We integrated them into the kit to scatter the light. As evident from the photo, Wu Pei-Yun, Lin Yu-ping and Yang Kai-Hui, are having fun.

The sparkling result is so pretty!

We used a lens sheet to create extra sparkle.

Whoops! Look how many times 31 degrees has popped up on my screen!

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