Renesas offers solution kits packaging the hardware, software and integrated development environment necessary for enabling many users to start evaluation and development safely, quickly and easily.

Tessera Products :TS-EC-1


  • The hardware of the EC-1 Remote I/O Board supports 8 channel outputs and 8 channel inputs.
  • Evaluation board is a rugged remote IO board design with 24V inputs. This product example helps customer develop application and final product faster.

Item of Conformance Test

Test Report Number : 0x766_001

CTT Version : V2.0.42

  • Indicator Test : OK
  • Labeling Test : OK
  • Distribute clock : OK
  • Explicit Device ID : OK
  • CoE Mailbox protocol : OK
  • CiA402 profile : -
  • Interoperability Test : OK


EC-1 Remote Board

  • TS-EC-1 (Tessera Products)

Sample Software

  • Remote I/O application processing
  • EtherCAT communication processing


  • EtherCAT startup manual
  • Remote I/O application development manual

Circuit diagrams

  • OrCAD data
  • Layout PDF

Note : For evaluation of this solution kit

EtherCAT Slave Stack Code and EtherCAT Master are needed for evaluation.

[ TwinCAT support document ]

[ CODESYS support document ]